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C Stark
  • C Stark

    C Stark - 2009-03-27

    Is there currently any mechanism to save or preset locations to open when you start Console2?

    I would like to be able to create separate tabs for locations and sue Console2 to organize my command prompts, and I have already set up a number of separate tabs to launch, but I only see options to set the shell and shell location, but not where it should begin at.

    Is there any way to accomplish this currently?

    • Kirill

      Kirill - 2009-03-28


      if you go to Console Settings -> Tabs, what you see in the Shell group are two fields: Shell and Startup dir.

      So, when you configure a tab, you can specify which shell app you want to open (or leave blank to open %comspec%) and where you want its startup folder be (or leave blank to use whatever Windows finds appropriate).

      For example, I have three tabs:
      - Name: Console2; Shell: empty; Startup dir: %HOME%
      - Name: VS2005; Shell: cmd.exe /k vcvarsall.bat x86; Startup dir: c:\vs8
      - Name: Console Debug; Shell: empty; Startup dir: c:\

      So, when I open each of them (or all together by running

      console -t Console2 -t VS2005 -t "Console Debug"

      ), I get a prompt in the respective location.

      Now remember that if you specify a shell, other than cmd.exe, it can change the current directory. For example, if I configure a tab as: Name: confusing; Shell: cmd.exe /k cd /d c:\download; Startup dir: c:\; it will start in c:\, but immediately switch to c:\download.

      Hope it helps a bit.


    • C Stark

      C Stark - 2009-03-29

      So it will work if I specify a shell to use?  I did try the startup directory, but I did not tell it which shell to use.  I will try that!


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