How to Differentiate Bet Insert & Overwrite?

  • M.Y.

    M.Y. - 2009-05-27

    Thanks for this great software.

    Is there a way to differentiate between insert and overwrite mode (e.g., use a different cursor when the mode changed, from insert to overwrite and vice versa)?

    • M.Y.

      M.Y. - 2009-06-02

      Let me rephrase my question. Is it possible to have different cursors for Insert and Overwrite mode?

    • M.Y.

      M.Y. - 2009-06-11

      Too bad. Look like I am the only one having this problem. Can Marko please shed some light on this subject?

    • Kirill

      Kirill - 2009-06-11

      Hi M.Y.,

      You're not the only one with this problem, however there is nothing Console can do. As repeated multiple times (and as written in Comments to Console.exe):

      Tabbed cool console window (THIS IS NOT A SHELL :-)

      What it means is that Console does precisely two things: screen-scraping of a console app and keyboard pass-through to the console app. As you can imagine, neither of these two activities can report whether the console app is in insert or overwrite mode.

      I do understand that some apps indicate the mode with a different cursor, however, AFAICS there is no way to retrieve that information.

      So, the only suggested workaround [provided that your app indicates the mode with a different cursor] is to show the console window (View -> Console Window).

      Sorry to bring in bad news, but, please, don't kill the messenger.


    • M.Y.

      M.Y. - 2009-06-11

      Hi Kirill, thanks for the info.


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