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  • Matt

    Matt - 2008-10-30

    First off, let me say, this is a fantastic program. I have been looking for a replacement for the command prompt for a long time and Console certainly is that application. At work I spend a very large amount of time in two applications: PuTTY and the Command Prompt. Having Console makes my experience with the windows command line almost equal to my Linux command line experience.

    With that being said, there is something that bugs me a bit about Console that I think can be improved/solved. The way Console handles the window size and buffer size needs a bit of improvement. With PuTTY, you set the window width (in columns), height (in rows), and scrollback (basically the buffer size). You can drag the window and make it larger and smaller and the text will adjust to fill the screen the next time your enter a command. When I try to do this in Console, the text does not adjust to fill the screen. This is because the horizontal buffer is still locked in at its set size and does not know of the increased size of the window. If Console could be changed to act more like the PuTTY window and better adjust the buffers, I would be extremely happy.

    Also, I don't know if this is a bug, but when I have more than one tab open, and I enter a command line program (for example edit) the other tab's text goes away. It remains that way until I exit the program. I have a link to a screenshot showing the issue. I just wanted to bring that to the developers attention. Thank you for your hard work on this great program.

    • Marko Bozikovic

      Marko Bozikovic - 2008-11-02


      For your first question, Console is only a front-end for Windows console, it shows what Windows console shows. Putty is a terminal emulator, and it can handle text rewrap on resize and stuff like that. Windows console cannot.

      As for the bug, it's a known bug (it happens with native vim, for example), but I don't know what is going on...

    • Chris King

      Chris King - 2008-12-17

      Ok, you comment that is a front-end for Windows console. My biggest issue with the built in command prompt is the size limitaion. It appears the width setting limitation seems to be .125 of screen resolution. In physical terms that is greater than your monitor but...

      I have 3 monitors all set to 1024x768 and thus the biggest number that has any effect is 128. I want to be able span 2 or more monitors. This is helpful when dealing with long paths. Usually drilling into peoples folders when doing disk usage reports/etc.

      Any thoughts on how to overcome that stupid limitation? I am sure it is something that MS probably needs to address.

      Otherwise, fine program.


    • Roger Pack

      Roger Pack - 2009-03-11

      maybe it is possible to be > 75%.  Seems to be somehow er other.

    • Seth Milliken

      Seth Milliken - 2009-05-15

      I have my 1920x1200 display in portrait mode and I would love to be able to resize Console2 to actually fill my display. As it is now, the maximum window size is only a fraction.


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