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Maximize Console window

  • Alectrus

    Alectrus - 2010-07-28

    I am on Windows XP and have Console version 2.00.145. I am finding the Maximize button on the window is disabled. Is there any way to maximize the window without having to resize each time?

  • David Lively

    David Lively - 2010-08-13

    This would be great; I don't see any reason why maximize should be disabled.

  • Ryan Sorensen

    Ryan Sorensen - 2010-08-18

    See the known Issues list under help:

    These are things that do not work (yet :-)
    No maximize support. I'm still not completely happy with the code, so it's currently disabled.

  • Anonymous - 2010-10-25

    The developer may not be pleased if you do this, but version Console-2.00b122-Beta is the last version before Maximize was turned off. It is very old but the basic functionality of Console2 is there. You can obtain it from the 'files' section in Sourceforge.

  • dmc dmc

    dmc dmc - 2011-02-25

    I was just looking what's up with this feature. Win7 have great shortcuts to move and resize window. In console they are not working as they do for. ie. putty. When maximize window will be supported? This is the only thing I am missing now in this great application.

  • Andrei LED

    Andrei LED - 2011-06-05

    I'm still not completely happy with the code, so it's currently disabled.

    It seems that some problems with maximize button have been fixed since version 2.00b122 and you can now safely enable it.

    When I tried b122 on my Win7 the maximize button was simply moving the window to the top left corner of the desktop. And then I thought "I should enable the button and write my own handler for it so the window will be at least resized to the size of the desktop".
    When I rolled back couple of changes made in MainFrame.cpp I discovered that the maximize button works almost fine. There're only two problems left:
    1) a slight gap under the console main input - a minor problem. I suppose it can't be fixed while main input contains a whole number of lines.
    2) If the window was maximized with only one tab open it is resized when you open a new tab - it's OK as long as you keep at least two open tabs.

    Here's my changes:
    1) MainFrame.cpp:OnSysCommand - restore code from branch elfe if ((wParam & 0xFF0) == SC_MAXIMIZE)
    2) MainFrame.cpp:SetWindowStyles - delte line dwStyle &= ~WS_MAXIMIZEBOX

  • Michael Avanessian

    I really like Console2.  It is a perfect enhancement to cmd.exe.  However, I use the Maximize button regularly when using regular cmd.exe since i like the default size to be 25 lines high and no scrollbars.  Could you please make this a priority to get fixed or at least enable it as an option?



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