whumann - 2010-05-05

If you have Perl on your PC the following script might help:
use strict;
use warnings;
use Win32::GuiTest qw(FindWindowLike SetForegroundWindow SendKeys);

my $dir     = shift;
my $exe     = 'C:\Programs\Console2\Console.exe';
my @console = FindWindowLike(0, '^Console2', '^Console_2_Main');

# Start Console if not running already
if (! @console) { qx( "$exe" -d "$dir" ); exit }

# Send Ctrl-F1 for new tab, then cd to dir given as command line arg
SetForegroundWindow( $console ) or die "Couldn't bing Console to the foreground";
SendKeys("^{F1}", 20);
SendKeys("cd /D $dir {ENTER} ", 0);

Pass the start directory as commandline argument, dont' forget quotes around dirname so that names with spaces work.
Change $exe to whereever your Console.exe is.
Win32::GuiTest has a test suite that fails easily, so if some tests fail during installation, it might still work once installed.
On slow PCs you might need to increase the wait-time for SendKeys (second argument, in milliseconds).
Test the script with perl.exe. Once it works well, you might use wperl.exe to avoid the extra window blinking up.