Build 143

  • Marko Bozikovic

    Marko Bozikovic - 2009-03-16

    Hi all,

    Here's a new build (yay!)

    The biggest change is the text painting code that will (hopefully) fix the invisible text problem with ClearType.

    If you've had the 'invisible text' or 'black on black' problem, please test this build.

    Please test with a solid background, image background and a desktop background. For image/desktop backgrounds, please test with and without tint (set it to 0).

    Report your results here, please :)

    If you're using relative image/desktop background, CPU usage will be higher than before. This build is not optimized for relative backgrounds yet, I'd like to see if this idea works first...


    • Laurentiu

      Laurentiu - 2009-03-17

      Hi Marko,

      I've just tested this build - like I religiously tested all the previous beta builds before - and I'm happy to report that the ClearType bug is fixed. Great job, man!

      For the record, I run XP x64 SP2, dual monitors + UltraMon, and my settings of choice are: transparency set to Alpha, different active/inactive blending, solid colour background (varied with console type).

      I also tested image background, absolute, relative and multimonitor, as well as wallpaper, with and without tint. All seem to be working fine.

      One thing I noticed, probably unrelated: when running with only one tab, even if the tab bar is hidden, I still get a line about 2 px high at the top of the Console window. Might be related with my choice of theme, I don't know. But its just a really really mild annoyance, nothing more.

      Thanks, Marko!


    • Marko Bozikovic

      Marko Bozikovic - 2009-03-20

      Come on, guys. It's been three days. Did only Laurentiu test this? Let me know if this works for you as well! :-)


      • Mr. P

        Mr. P - 2009-03-21

        The 64-bit build of 143 is working great for me with ClearType, although I only use plain backgrounds.

        • Mr. P

          Mr. P - 2009-03-21

          PS. Builds prior to 143 give me invisible text.

    • Ronald Blaschke

      Ronald Blaschke - 2009-03-21

      My x64 binaries are available at <> as usual.

      I'll play with the ClearType settings a bit on Monday using Vista x64, even if I don't use ClearType myself.

    • Jason Copenhaver

      Tested build 144 on XP x64 with ClearType and transparency.  Everything works great now.  I used to get invisible text.  Thanks!

    • Kevin

      Kevin - 2009-04-13

          I just tested build 143 and 144, and both work for me with ClearType enabled.  I tested with solid, image, and desktop backgrounds, and with and without tint, and I can see the text with all settings.  My machine is XP x64 SP2, triple monitors, with UltraMon.


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