confusion about labelling tabs

  • Derell Licht

    Derell Licht - 2009-12-10

    I tend to "Rename Tab" on my various regular tabs that I use, it makes keeping track of what's where.  However, even after I rename the tab, the current path still is (partially) shown on the tab after my label, which introduces alot of visual "noise" on the tab bar.  Is there someway I can turn off the path on tabs that I've renamed?? 

    Alternately, can I just turn off the path display entirely??  It really isn't all that useful, since only part of the path is visible anyway…

  • Kirill

    Kirill - 2009-12-12

    Derell Licht,

    Did you try to uncheck "Use console window title" in the Appearance section of Settings?

    If you did, could you please post a screenshot, because I'm failing to understand "the current path is still shown"?

    By the way, do you use non-cmd.exe shell?

    • Kirill.
  • Derell Licht

    Derell Licht - 2009-12-14

    Okay, I checked and I already had "Use console window title" unchecked.  I don't know how to include a screen shot in this message, so I put it on my website, here's the link:

    Notice that each tab shows my custom label, and then shows the (partial) path to the directory.  That path, on the tab, is what I want to remove.

  • Derell Licht

    Derell Licht - 2009-12-14

    Oops!!  Sorry, missed part of your message.
    I'm using tcc/le V11.00.35

  • Kirill

    Kirill - 2009-12-15

    Sorry, can't even reproduce the behaviour in TCC/LE. Neither on its own nor inside the Console it displays the working directory.

    May be you can publish your console.xml and/or your tcc .ini file?

    Just another weird idea: did you play with Show Command and Show Command in tabs checkboxes?

    • Kirill.
  • Derell Licht

    Derell Licht - 2009-12-15

    HA!!  My bad… it was my tcc/le startup file that was doing that… it dated from waaaaaaaay back in the 4nt days, when we didn't have tabbed windows, and I wanted the current path on the title bar.  I'd *long* forgotten that was there (in the PROMPT definition, of all things), don't need it now.  Sorry for the confusion, and thanks *again* to akirill, for pointing me in the right direction!


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