How to select text?

  • cnshenj

    cnshenj - 2009-04-01

    Running Console 2.00b144 on Vista 32-bit. Everything looks good, except I can't select text. Tried left mouse button but nothing happens. System Locale is Simplified Chinese, maybe this is a problem?

    • Mark Feeney

      Mark Feeney - 2009-04-07

      Same problem here.  Console 2.00.144, Vista 32-bit.  Can't select text.  Left-click just seems to have no effect.  Middle click will successfully paste if I have something copied from another app, and right click brings up the context as expected.

      My locale is a basic US/English.

      • jason404

        jason404 - 2009-04-07

        Did you try pressing Scroll Lock to change mode?

        • jason404

          jason404 - 2009-04-07

          Duh, Scroll Lock is for changing from cursor scroll to command history.

          I meant to say pressing SHIFT at the same time as trying to left-click select.

          Make sure Left+Shift is set as the action for Select Text, in the Prefs>Hotkeys>Mouse

    • Roger Pack

      Roger Pack - 2009-04-15

      I think this is probably the largest "surprise" of console--unlike putty it doesn't allow text selection by default.  Any chance to get it changed to become the default?

      • Marko Bozikovic

        Marko Bozikovic - 2009-04-16


        What do you mean by 'it doesn't allow text selection by default'? The default mouse binding is SHIFT+left click. I could change the default mouse binding.


    • Roger Pack

      Roger Pack - 2009-04-16

      You got it exactly.
      Changing the default  would be very welcome to newbies like myself. (i.e. select text's default is just left drag).

    • Javier Castañón

      IIRC, most terminals (except in Windows) allows selection of text just dragging the left mouse button. I stumble with this thread because of that. OK my fault: I'd better RTFM.

      Just my 0.02


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