Possible scrolling/double-click bug

  • Henry

    Henry - 2012-10-15

    My apologies if this has already been raised (I did a forum search but didn't see a match).

    I'm seeing what might be a bug when you scroll the console2 window back and try to double-click to select some text.  What I find is that console2 is acting on the first click and popping the scrollbar down to the bottom.  Here's how to reproduce:  issue a command that produces more than a screenfull of output.  Scroll back a bit using the scrollbar.  Attempt to select some text by double-clicking on it.  For me the window immediately scrolls to the bottom on receiving the first click, then processes the usual double-click action on receiving the second click.  The result is that the scroll position has been changed BEFORE the double-click action is performed and the result is that the wrong text gets selected.

    For reference, I have "copy on select" set to OFF, if that matters.

    Could this behavior be the result of a setting I've missed?


  • Kirill

    Kirill - 2012-10-21


    unfortunately, I could not reproduce the behaviour.
    Can you post your XML file? I'm actually wondering what do you have in Console Settings > Behavior, Mouse, and Hotkeys (scrolling-related keys).

    Mentioning of the OS and the version of Console (including bitness for both) might be useful too.

    • Kirill
  • Henry

    Henry - 2012-11-27

    Thanks for the response.  Sorry for the delay, I guess I forgot to select "monitor this" and missed your post.  The XML is below.  The machine is Windows XP 32 bit and console is the latest version.  Since last posting I found that the behavior doesn't exhibit when using cmd.exe as a shell.  The shell where I'm seeing the issue is bash (via Cygwin) so perhaps this isn't a problem with console2.  Though for the life of me I can't see what difference the shell would make.  If you have Cygwin about, try setting your shell to "c:\cygwin\bin\bash -login -i", then generate more than a screenful of output, scroll back till the cursor rolls off the bottom of the window and then either single or double click in console.  I think you will see the whole scroll buffer snap back down to the end.  For what it's worth, I'm using Cygwin 1.7.


    <?xml version="1.0"?>
            <console change_refresh="10" refresh="100" rows="38" columns="166" buffer_rows="500" buffer_columns="0" shell="c:\cygwin\bin\bash -login -i" init_dir="" start_hidden="0" save_size="1">
                            <color id="0" r="0" g="0" b="0"/>
                            <color id="1" r="0" g="0" b="128"/>
                            <color id="2" r="0" g="150" b="0"/>
                            <color id="3" r="0" g="150" b="150"/>
                            <color id="4" r="170" g="25" b="25"/>
                            <color id="5" r="128" g="0" b="128"/>
                            <color id="6" r="128" g="128" b="0"/>
                            <color id="7" r="192" g="192" b="192"/>
                            <color id="8" r="128" g="128" b="128"/>
                            <color id="9" r="0" g="100" b="255"/>
                            <color id="10" r="0" g="255" b="0"/>
                            <color id="11" r="0" g="255" b="255"/>
                            <color id="12" r="255" g="50" b="50"/>
                            <color id="13" r="255" g="0" b="255"/>
                            <color id="14" r="255" g="255" b="0"/>
                            <color id="15" r="255" g="255" b="255"/>
                    <font name="Consolas" size="10" bold="0" italic="0" smoothing="0">
                            <color use="0" r="0" g="0" b="0"/>
                    <window title="Console" icon="" use_tab_icon="1" use_console_title="0" show_cmd="1" show_cmd_tabs="1" use_tab_title="1" trim_tab_titles="20" trim_tab_titles_right="0"/>
                    <controls show_menu="1" show_toolbar="1" show_statusbar="0" show_tabs="1" hide_single_tab="1" show_scrollbars="1" flat_scrollbars="0" tabs_on_bottom="0"/>
                    <styles caption="1" resizable="1" taskbar_button="1" border="1" inside_border="2" tray_icon="1">
                            <selection_color r="255" g="255" b="255"/>
                    <position x="-1" y="-1" dock="-1" snap="0" z_order="0" save_position="0"/>
                    <transparency type="0" active_alpha="255" inactive_alpha="213" r="0" g="0" b="0"/>
                    <copy_paste copy_on_select="0" clear_on_copy="1" no_wrap="1" trim_spaces="1" copy_newline_char="0" sensitive_copy="0"/>
                    <scroll page_scroll_rows="0"/>
                    <tab_highlight flashes="3" stay_highligted="1"/>
            <hotkeys use_scroll_lock="1">
                    <hotkey ctrl="1" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="83" command="settings"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="0" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="112" command="help"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="0" shift="0" alt="1" extended="0" code="115" command="exit"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="1" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="112" command="newtab1"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="1" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="113" command="newtab2"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="1" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="114" command="newtab3"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="1" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="115" command="newtab4"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="1" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="116" command="newtab5"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="1" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="117" command="newtab6"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="1" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="118" command="newtab7"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="1" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="119" command="newtab8"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="1" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="120" command="newtab9"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="1" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="121" command="newtab10"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="1" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="49" command="switchtab1"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="1" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="50" command="switchtab2"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="1" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="51" command="switchtab3"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="1" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="52" command="switchtab4"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="1" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="53" command="switchtab5"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="1" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="54" command="switchtab6"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="1" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="55" command="switchtab7"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="1" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="56" command="switchtab8"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="1" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="57" command="switchtab9"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="1" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="48" command="switchtab10"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="1" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="9" command="nexttab"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="1" shift="1" alt="0" extended="0" code="9" command="prevtab"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="1" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="87" command="closetab"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="1" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="82" command="renametab"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="1" shift="0" alt="0" extended="1" code="45" command="copy"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="1" shift="0" alt="0" extended="1" code="46" command="clear_selection"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="0" shift="1" alt="0" extended="1" code="45" command="paste"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="0" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="0" command="stopscroll"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="0" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="0" command="scrollrowup"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="0" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="0" command="scrollrowdown"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="0" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="0" command="scrollpageup"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="0" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="0" command="scrollpagedown"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="0" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="0" command="scrollcolleft"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="0" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="0" command="scrollcolright"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="0" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="0" command="scrollpageleft"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="0" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="0" command="scrollpageright"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="1" shift="1" alt="0" extended="0" code="112" command="dumpbuffer"/>
                    <hotkey ctrl="0" shift="0" alt="0" extended="0" code="0" command="activate"/>
                            <action ctrl="0" shift="0" alt="0" button="2" name="copy"/>
                            <action ctrl="0" shift="0" alt="0" button="1" name="select"/>
                            <action ctrl="0" shift="0" alt="0" button="2" name="paste"/>
                            <action ctrl="1" shift="0" alt="0" button="1" name="drag"/>
                            <action ctrl="0" shift="0" alt="0" button="0" name="menu"/>
                    <tab title="Console2" use_default_icon="0">
                            <console shell="" init_dir="" run_as_user="0" user=""/>
                            <cursor style="4" r="255" g="255" b="255"/>
                            <background type="0" r="0" g="0" b="0">
                                    <image file="" relative="0" extend="0" position="0">
                                            <tint opacity="0" r="0" g="0" b="0"/>


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