Anonymous - 2010-09-01

Windows 7, Multi-Monitor setup.

I have two monitors, one horizontal (primary) and one vertical (secondary).

When on the secondary monitory, I cannot re-size the height of the Console 2 window (either by resizing, edit>settings>console, view>console window>edit…) to be larger than the vertical res of my (smaller) primary monitor.

This results in the window only covering half of my screen on the secondary monitor.

Once I either remove the primary monitor (leaving only the vertical monitor) OR mark the vertical monitor as primary, I can re-size the window at will (and as expected).

It seems like Console 2 is looking up and constraining itself to the vertical resolution of the Primary monitor, rather than the one it actually resides on.

I can see why you probably have to choose one of those values at startup as opposed to dynamically changing when dragged between monitors, however it would be better to reference the current monitor (when launched) instead of always the primary.

The worst case scenario would be a user making the window large (on a large secondary monitor) and dragging it to the (smaller) primary monitor and not being able to see the entire window. This is easily remedied by re-sizing the window to fix the new monitor (typical action in multi-monitor environment).