beeping sound whenever i press alt+anything

  • weev

    weev - 2005-07-03

    I love console so much except for that it makes a beep every time i press alt+any key. is there any way to change this behavior? it beeps every time i change a window in irssi (alt+1-0 or q-o).

    • Atomhrt

      Atomhrt - 2005-07-08

      This might be the "Beep on errors" thing that drove me up the wall in the past.

      Try changing the registry HKCU\Control Panel\Sound\Beep key from Yes to No. Reboot... Then check.

      • Rafael Vega

        Rafael Vega - 2014-07-01

        This didn't work for me on windows 7. Anyone knows how to torn it off?


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