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  • Davide

    Davide - 2009-04-22

    HI All,

    I would like to know if any1 is facing the always overstrike mode in Console 2.0.144.

    I installed the newest beta version today and the console is starting all the times in overstrike (while the standard cmd in winxp is in insert mode).

    Is there any setting that I can touch or any regedit value that I can modify to set Console in insert mode as well ?

    Thank you all in advance.

  • buildupthatwall

    buildupthatwall - 2011-03-04

    I'm having the same problem. Although, when I'm in the Python interpreter, in Console, insert-mode works perfectly. I'm using version 2.00.147.

  • Scott Christensen

    FYI, I found out in another thread that since Console is just a screen scraper for cmd.exe, you can set insert mode by default in the underlying cmd window.  With Console open, do View -> Console Window.  Click on the window icon for the window that pops up and choose Properties.  In the Options tab, under Edit Options, I've selected QuickEdit Mode and Insert mode.

    Works great for me.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-04-12

    raven1004, thank you, it really works.
    This important remark should be placed in the official help.

  • Muthukumaran Murugesan

    Thanks raven1004. Seriously, that was a great help. I was struggling with this nagging thing for a week now. Yes, I did a bit of googling but could not quite not land on a useful page. Was about to make a  forum post here today and found this. Tried the trick immediately and it worked much to my relief. Btw, one quick question. Why on earth Console would like to modify the default behavior without warning the user? I love Console nevertheless.


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