Shift-Tab as ESC [ Z

  • Taras Tielkes

    Taras Tielkes - 2009-04-19

    I'm using Console2 to run cygwin/bash.
    I'm used to configure bash completion to have Tab cycle forward through completion suggestions, and Shift-Tag cycle backwards.

    Unfortunately, when using Console2 to run cygwin, a shift tab gets received as a regular tab ("od -c" shows them as having identical scan codes).
    Putty, as well as puttycyg actually perform a translation of Shift-Tab to "ESC [ Z", making reverse completion possible again.
    Unfortunately they miss a nice tabbed GUI, as well as other Console2 features.

    It would be nice if I could configure Console to handle Shift-Tab the same way as putty/puttycyg.
    Does this sound like something that is remotely possible?

    • Marko Bozikovic

      Marko Bozikovic - 2009-04-20

      What happens if you run cygwin bash in a regular Windows console?

      How do I configure bash for cycle completion?


    • Taras Tielkes

      Taras Tielkes - 2009-04-21

      Running regular cygwin console (that starts bash.exe) exhibits the same problem. Hmm, perhaps it's not possible to fix this through Console2 after all... :-(
      However, running through MinTTY or PuttyCyg works as expected.

      Here's my .inputrc:
      set completion-ignore-case on
      # Ignore case when doing completion

      #set mark-directories on
      # Completed dir names have a slash appended

      set visible-stats on
      # List ls -F for completion

      "\C-i": menu-complete
      "\e[Z": "\e-1\C-i"
      # Cycle through ambiguous completions instead of list


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