Derell Licht - 2012-09-18

I write Windows applications, and typically use OutputDebugString() to generate messages for debugging my code; I use DebugView to monitor the messages.  I've noticed that whenever I open a new console in Console2 (V2.00.148), I get a flood of debug messages poured into DebugView; they are various combinations of the following three messages:

00000000 12:24:56 m_hSharedMutex Console2_params_5272: 1144
00000001 12:24:56 m_hSharedReqEvent Console2_params_5272: 1152
00000002 12:24:56 m_hSharedRespEvent Console2_params_5272: 1156

Is there any chance we could get these messages turned off by default, in the release build?