Tab Active/Inactive Colors

  • Christopher Mann

    Hi Folks,

    Enjoying Console and Cygwin but have one minor request for a UI tweak that might be helpful.

    When many tabs are open it can be tough to see which tab is the active one.  With my (default?) config It seems active tabs show the tab title bolded, in black, against a light gray background.  And the inactive tabs show the title unbolded, in black, against a white background.  And that isn't quite enough of a distinction for my eye to immediately spot which tab is active when there are many open.

    It would be nice if we could specify different tab background colors (I don't mean the main screen background, I'm talking about the literal tab itself).  So maybe

    Console Settings > Tabs > Main > Title & icon > Active tab color
    Console Settings > Tabs > Main > Title & icon > Inactive tab color

    … with a corresponding config stanza in console.xml of:

      <tab type="active" r="100" g="200" b="200"/>
      <tab type="inactive" r="200" g="200" b="100"/>

    … or something along those lines.

    Maybe I'll download the source and see how difficult it is to add this.  But if anyone else out there thinks this might be useful too, and has the gumption to implement it, that would be swell. :)

  • ShadowFlare

    ShadowFlare - 2012-04-15

    While not currently directly selectable colors, I do have a version that colors tabs based on their backgrounds (even supports images) and has fading for inactive tabs (fade level currently not customizable).  I plan to make more of my features customizable, but for now they just use my own defaults.

  • Christopher Mann

    Thanks for the tip, shadowflare.  The screenshot looks great.

    I tried it out, but am a little confused though.  Is this the new feature?

    - Given your build of Console 2…
    - And, some desktop background…
    - And, with alpha transparency set…
    - Console 2 changes the tab colors to make them look distinct between the active vs. the inactive tabs, by shading the desktop background behind the tabs?


  • ShadowFlare

    ShadowFlare - 2012-04-17

    That screenshot is with my own config and not the default, obviously.  As for active vs. inactive tabs, it fades out the background color or image of the inactive tabs on the tab bar.  I've been keeping a list of what I've changed so far from the "official" version:


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