how to recover from pinned to desktop

  • Anonymous - 2012-06-03


    I tried "pin to desktop". Since then, I can not open console.

    I tried to get rid it from menu bar and it looks OK.

    But still I can't bring screen on desktop.

    Also I tried to change using "regedit" and even delete all the reg data
    for console.  But result was same.

    Any help will be very appreciated.



  • Kirill

    Kirill - 2012-06-03

    Try to restore console.xml in the same folder as console.exe to the one from the official distribution, and delete one from %appdata%\Console.

  • Anonymous - 2012-06-03

    Thank you Akirill for quick response.
    but I have following question. "%appdata%" ? … where this would be ?

    And I tried console2 after deleting all the regedit.  It looks console running
    even though it is background and not able to bring front.
    Does this means that "regedit"  not needed ?

    Thank you


  • Anonymous - 2012-06-03

    Following is summary of my trouble shooting.
    Thank you again Akirill.


    situation :
         1. Windows-7 OS
         2. tried to use "pinned to desktop " with
            Settings -> Appearance -> Z order -> "pinned to desktop"
         3. after this, can not bring console to front.

    why ?     :

    solution for recover :
         find current console.xml and delete it.
         1. I used "cmd.exe" and "set" command to get the value of %AppData%.
         2. It was C:\Users\user\AppData for my case. 
         3. The %AppData% was hidden and I managed to see by changing system options by
               control panel -> Appearance and Personalization -> 
               -> Folder Option -> Hidden File and Folder ->
               activate show hidden file and folder 
         4. I could find C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Console\console.xml .
         5. delete it
         6. goto console directory and find console-orig.xml.
         7. overwirte console.xml with console-orig.xml 
         Hopefully this is correct. I have tried others like changing registered values
         using regedit and deleteing all the registered values. It is possible one of
         these may have an effect on this.

         reference :

  • Kirill

    Kirill - 2012-06-03

    Console does not store configuration info in the registry, so, regedit probably didn't do much.

    Instead of 1 - 3, you should be able to just type %appdata% into Explorer's (not Internet Explorer's) address bar to open that folder even if it's hidden.

  • Ch'TiPow@

    Ch'TiPow@ - 2012-09-09


    I modified console.xml.
    On the line n°32 :

    <position x="-1" y="-1" dock="0" snap="0" z_order="3" save_position="0"/>

    I changed this :

    <position x="-1" y="-1" dock="0" snap="0" z_order=[b]"1"[/b] save_position="0"/>

    This solved the problem by putting back to always on top, at least, i didn't loose my settings.

  • Cigouave

    Cigouave - 2012-09-13

    Thank you, peghorse. I just had the same problem, and your solution did the trick quickly and cleanly. Thanks again.


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