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#242 Console position not saved on exit


Using Console 2.00.139 on Windows XP Pro SP2 English

I want the console to always start at the same position it was before being closed.

In Settings / Appearance, I have :
Initial Position UNCHECKED
Save on Exit CHECKED
Snap to desktop UNCHECKED
Docking : NONE
Z Order : regular

However, when I close Console and restart it, its initial position is always changing (about 1/2 inch bottom-right offset).

Attached is the config file I am using.

I have the "Save Settings to User Directory" checked.

Is there something I am doing wrong ?



  • Alexis

    Alexis - 2008-05-07

    Settings xml file

  • Rob Siklos

    Rob Siklos - 2008-11-20

    I have the same problem.

  • Marko Bozikovic

    Marko Bozikovic - 2010-02-10
    • priority: 5 --> 6
  • Kirill

    Kirill - 2010-02-12

    An unofficial build 146.1 for testing purposes is available on my site:

    Alexis, could you please try it?

  • Kirill

    Kirill - 2010-02-12
    • assigned_to: nobody --> akirill
  • Kirill

    Kirill - 2010-02-12

    Please, do not forget to copy your console.xml into the same folder where you extracted my build to.

  • Alexis

    Alexis - 2010-02-15

    Seems to fix it, even works on my dual-monitor setup.
    It might be by design, but any part of the window is outside the bounds of the screen, the console position is not restored exactly at the same location, it is rather restored inside the bounds of the screen. This is fine by me, just thought I'd mention it in case you did not know.

    Thanks for maintaining Console by the way, I use it daily and like it very much.

  • Kirill

    Kirill - 2010-02-17
    • status: open --> pending
  • Kirill

    Kirill - 2010-02-27
    • status: pending --> open-fixed
  • Marko Bozikovic

    Marko Bozikovic - 2010-11-01
    • status: open-fixed --> pending-fixed
  • Marko Bozikovic

    Marko Bozikovic - 2010-11-01

    Please try the new build, b147.


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