destroyedlolo - 2011-06-15


As introduction, my goal is to find a Unix like distribution suitable for old machines, with web browser supporting javascript and with the possibility to do some I2C communications.
For the moment, I'm testing with PII, 128MB laptop, but my ultimate target would be a 486, 24MB and 300Mb disk (I'm not sure it's really realistic :) ).

I already NetBSD (which meet my needs but doesn't support userland I2C) and various Linux distributions, 2.6 kernel needed as per I2C.

So I tried connochaetos 0.9RC0 and I come with several questions :

1/ I was able to run it smoothly on a 64MB box (in Virtual box) but does it work on a 486 machine ? it is compiled for i586 ?

2/ kernel :
   - is it possible to add additionnal module to the existing kernel ?
   - is documented somewhere the procedure you followed to build your kernel ? (I guess I'll have to rebuild one to ride off all unused stuffs, as SMP, wifi, … in order save some memory :) )

3/ I wasn't able to install 0.9RC on a 300MB disk, I guess because it contains many things I don't needs like ABIWord.
Do you think about a "base" distribution containing only strickly needed stuffs to make the system booting ?