Conky 1.3.4 Released

Conky 1.3.4 has been released. This release several bug fixes as well as some significant new features. To download Conky 1.3.4, please visit the SourceForge download page at:

NEW IN 1.3.4:

Conky 1.3.4 has a new set of port-monitoring objects which can be enabled when configuring with the option --enable-portmon. An example for usage is included in the conkyrc.sample file with ships with the package.

BUGS and FIXES IN 1.3.4:

A number of issues have been resolved in 1.3.4, the majority of which are memory leak issues. Also, improvements to the top code have been made. SourceForge tracker items 1355470, 1344493, 1331576, 1340825, 1351686, 1330893, and 1330914 have been resolved.

Posted by Brenden Matthews 2005-11-17

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