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Conjugate Production Ended

Sorry, no more conjugate for the few that were downloading this program. Hopefully I'll be able to start better projects in the future.


Posted by Dakota Brink 2007-02-26

Big update

Ver. 2.9 is going to be improved by a lot. I've been working on it for a long time now, and I'm still expecting to be working on it for another 2-3 weeks.

Posted by Dakota Brink 2006-12-08

What's going on?

K, I know I don't have the verb Haber conjugating correctly yet, and that will be fixed in ver. 2.9.
I'm thinking that by version 2.9, some new tenses will be present (present progressive, and possibly one more, but I doubt it.) If you have any Ideas for conjugate or would like to contribute in some way (I still don't have a steady contributor), just e-mail me at
(I hate dial-up)

Posted by Dakota Brink 2006-10-31

New version expected soon

A new version of conjugate is expected soon. Haber has been a beast for me to understand only to find out that the verb is so simple. Just don't conjugate Haber yet in ver. (It doesn't conjugate correctly, as far as I know, every thing else is just fine.)

Posted by Dakota Brink 2006-10-21

Bugs Fixed

I believe it is safe to use conjugate again. I think that pretty much all of the problems in the preterite have been fixed. Also I think haber is fixed too, but I'm not sure yet, and I don't have time to check now.

Posted by Dakota Brink 2006-10-21

Bugs, bugs, bugs...

Many bugs have been found in this program. It's a mess right now, I don't reccomend using this program for conjugating right now. Right now it's only in the testing phase. All of the bugs currently found are in the preterite, the preterite is one of the hardest tenses to conjugate.

Posted by Dakota Brink 2006-10-10

Bug Reporting

If you ever find any problems with this program please submit them to: and I will usually fix the problem, and release a new version in as little as 2 days. These problems to report also include incorrect conjugations. If so, please tell me the verb you conjugated, and the incorrect Spanish Conjugation.

Posted by Dakota Brink 2006-09-28