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congruity-15 released

* 2010-08-01 Stephen Warren <>
- congruity-15 is released
- Call new APIs in libconcord-0.22, for Harmony 700 support.
- Tweak WrappedStaticText.UpdateText again, so it shows all text and doesn't wrap it strangely, at least with Lucids's wxpython

Posted by Stephen Warren 2010-08-02

congruity-14 released

- Replace remote.png with a GPL-licensed version provided by Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre <>
- Tweak WrappedStaticText.UpdateText so it shows all text and doesn't wrap it strangely, at least with Jaunty's wxpython

Posted by Stephen Warren 2009-12-17

congruity-13 released

Update MIME types in .desktop file. Patch by Adam Williamson <>. Apparently, these new MIME types match what the Logitech server sends when you perform a download; see However, Fedora still packages definitions of these MIME types as part of libconcord. Packagers for other distributions should double-check the Fedora packaging of libconcord; see file libconcord-0.21-mime-type-def.patch which adds file concordance-0.21/libconcord/libconcord.xml to the libconcord sources.

Posted by Stephen Warren 2009-08-05

congruity-12 released

* 2009-06-17 Stephen Warren <>
- congruity-12 is released
- Add congruity.desktop to release script

Posted by Stephen Warren 2009-06-19

congruity-11 released

* 2009-06-17 Stephen Warren <>
- congruity-11 is released
- Fix Pronto hex import
Patch by Andreas Schulz <>
- Throw runtime error dialog if wxPython version is not at least 2.8
- Add .desktop file
Patch by Adam Williamson <>

Posted by Stephen Warren 2009-06-18

congruity-10 released

The main highlight is the addition of IR learning support. Also, various internal cleanups, and README, Makefile, and error reporting enhancements.

* 2009-xx-xx Stephen Warren <>
- congruity-10 is released
- Implement IR learning feature, with support for learning from the original
remote using the Harmony, or reading the signal from a "Pronto Hex" file.
(Merge of /branches/irlean)
Parts based on code by Andreas Schulz <>
- Various internal code changes to support IR learning and general cleanup.
- Implement --no-web command-line option, which prevents posting any data
to the Harmony website. This can be useful when testing congruity.
- Change default install prefix to /usr/local; this makes typical end-user
manual installs slightly simpler. Also, automatically patch install location
into the app during installation.
- If libconcord import fails, display the entire backtrace information, to
enable easier debugging of the issue.
- Enhance README

Posted by Stephen Warren 2009-03-10

congruity-8 released

See the download area for the release. Changes are:

* Separated remote "connect" into a seperate wizard step, and provide advanced details on the detected remote.
* Significant internal re-organization/cleanup, which should allow for easier integration of IR learning support later.
* All command-line parsing and dependency errors now trigger a GUI error message, instead of just throwing an exception. This prevents such errors from being invisible if congruity isn't run from a terminal.
* Fixed "Next" button focus/sensitivity bug.
* Makefile enhancements.
* Better resource cleanup.... read more

Posted by Stephen Warren 2008-07-04

congruity version 7 released

See the download section for the bits!

* 2008-04-14 Stephen Warren <>
- congruity-7 is released
- Switched license to GPLv3+ to be compatible with libconcord by default.
Contact me if you want the code under a different license, but please
note that you won't be able to use relicensed code with libconcord.
- Added a Makefile for easy installation.
Thanks to Phil Dibowitz for the contribution.
- Added a manual page.
- Added a few useful URLs to README.txt.
- Fixed reliance on syntax specific to Python 2.5.

Posted by Stephen Warren 2008-06-25

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