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Welcome to Confinement!

Confinement is an open source game, free and open to anyone to modify or add there own levels. We will be doing tutorials on this game at http://www.youtube.com/shiftedirony We will be scripting this game in c#. The description about this game will be below.

Confinement is a game which allows the user to break out of prison. This game will have at least 30 levels offered by us (you guys can also upload your own levels) and each level will have about 10 ways to escape that area. We hope to see this get popular and hope that other people make there own version of this game with there own prison and different levels.

Please visit our other pages to see other information about this game. We also highly recommend anyone with knowledge of c# or unity script to come forth and join the ShiftedIrony team. Whoever does come forward and helps us we would gladly like for them to also help us with our other games such as, Realm of Zenthora, Contamination, Vietnam, and our ipod game Dead Beat Santa!

Project Admins: