Niggly usage problem

  • Michael Carroll

    Michael Carroll - 2008-10-28

    I've just loaded up Concrete5 for a look and having used a variety of CMS systems over the years, it certainly seems like a breath of fresh air. I'm experiencing a problem in that some of the forms are displaying too low on the screen and the end is missing. For example, on the Add Content form, I can see the title, add image..., toolbar and part of the text area. The buttons at the end are missing.

    I'm a developer myself and without digging into the source, it looks to me like divs are being positioned too far down the display.

    Has anybody else seen this or does anybody have a fix?



    • Marcel van Brakel

      If you find this annoying, or cant work with it...look at the css files.
      The css of your website can influence the frontend editing. And seeing it is open source you can also easily edit the core css for problems in the dashboard [which i dont seem to have]

    • Michael Carroll

      Michael Carroll - 2008-10-28

      Thanks for the reply Marcel. The main problem is that is simply isn't possible to work with it as it stands. I cannot add content.

      I know that I can edit the stylesheets if I need to but I am reluctant to do so on a base install of a package that I would like to promote to other potential users on an ongoing basis.

      • Marcel van Brakel

        I can understand it completely!

        In the open source spirit.. you can adjust it and share you solution with the c5 devs here, so you contribution can help c5 getting even better!

        GL on using the system for your websites.

    • Jereme Claussen

      Jereme Claussen - 2008-10-28

      What resolution are you running in?

    • Marcus A. Schuerstedt

      I can see all the buttons quite well (firefox on windows, pretty high screen resolution). So no problems at all with the default templates (which are not so many anyway ;-).

      So maybe a browser, os, screen issue like jeremec mentioned?

      • Remo Laubacher

        Remo Laubacher - 2008-10-29

        Yeah I believe there must be something else too.. I've installed a concrete5 a couple of times and used it with a couple of browsers and operating systems and never had such problems!

    • Michael Carroll

      Michael Carroll - 2008-10-29

      I'm running 1280 x 800 and it's an IE7 problem - yep, I know all about IE7 but much as we all like to have a poke at it, most people are using it. It works fine with Chrome and Opera. Haven't tried Firefox as yet but I'm pretty sure it will work okay.


      • Bryce Tugwell

        Bryce Tugwell - 2008-10-29

        Not to be a stick in the mud, but actually, according to w3schools report on browser stats - most people aren't using IE7  - in fact only 26.3% as of Sept 2008 With 42.6% using Firefox. I don't mention this to suggest that it isn't worth fixing for 26% of your users, it clearly is, however, it is worth noting the change in tide on browser adoption.

        • Andrew Embler

          Andrew Embler - 2008-10-29

          With C5 we've got two audiences, really.

          1. The people who are viewing the sites we're building. For these people, we try to make the sites render well even in IE 6 (as well as the other browsers) - although we're taking fewer and fewer steps to ensure that this is totally the case.

          2. The people using C5, including the dashboard. For this, we test first in Firefox and Safari, then in IE 7 and others like Opera/Chrome. IE 7 is still a priority though, for reasons you mentioned - and many have their reasons for preferring a certain browser. So we definitely want to hear about any problems you have using C5 in IE 7/8, because they're not going away anytime soon.

          I've fixed the problem on the page types page in IE 7 and this fix should be a part of our next release. In the meantime, here's what you can do to fix it yourself if it's bothering you. There are three tables on


          If you remove the width=100% from the main column in those tables, it should fix the display issue. It won't look great, unfortunately, but we're instituting a fix that makes the page look a little better AND display more consistently across browsers.

    • Michael Carroll

      Michael Carroll - 2008-10-29

      Thanks Andrew, I'll make the mods and play away. I'm just trying to get familiar so that I can answer the questions when they start to arrive. I can use Safari, Opera, Chrome or Firefox eitherways so it's not a major issue for me. It'll make it a bit harder to push with IE users though.

      Any idea when the next release with the fix is due to hit the streets?

      As regards the browser wars, I have a fair few customers and only two use anything other than IE and of those two, one uses Firefox because it is a cheaper solution to doing a reload of WXP to solve an IE problem. This equates to well less that 0.4% in my case. I don't agree with the 'so called' browser stats because I just cannot see the evidence.

      Having said that lot, I don't want to upset anybody either. I just arrived in the last few days a the last thing I want to do is to make too much noise... well as yet anyways (c;

      • Andrew Embler

        Andrew Embler - 2008-10-29

        We're hoping within the next few days - but it may take a little longer than that. We're adding localization support and so it's possible that there will be bugs due to that...

    • Daniel Cobb

      Daniel Cobb - 2008-10-30

      Just as a point of reference the browser stats mentioned above for W3Schools are for their site only.  A lot of designers are prone to use Firefox and that site is a good reference for them.  A more accurate polling would be  The stats are pulled from various websites and show IE with between 60% - 85% usage.  What it does show though is a gradual rise of alternate browsers.


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