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New Process Designer

The new process designer con:cept has been added to the subversion repository. It is based on eclipse and features a new notion with improved readability.

Posted by Holger Engels 2007-05-30

Homepage Relaunch

As some might have noticed, the con:cern website suffered from a hardware defect and was down several times in the past months. Yet the hardware has been replaced and we've taken the occasion to rebuild the homepage as a wiki. Feel free to contribute!

Posted by Holger Engels 2007-04-24

OSBL on the CeBIT

Wilken Solution Services will present the OSBL and the "OS Fachverahren" on the CeBIT.

Posted by Holger Engels 2007-03-07


A Wiki has been setup for the OSBL at http://osbl.wilken.de/wiki/ . It will supersede the current con:cern homepage by and by.

Posted by Holger Engels 2007-02-09

Open Source Business Award

The Solution Services Division of the Wilken GmbH has won the first Open Source Business Award with the OSBL.

Posted by Holger Engels 2007-02-09

Open Source Meets Business

I will give a presentation about the integration of con:cern into the productline of Wilken. In addition the Wilken Solution Services division will present the Open Source Business Library on the poster session.

Posted by Holger Engels 2007-01-19

con:cern on the Systems

Wilken is presenting their new Solution Services division on the Systems in Munich. Besides our Usability Lab, we're showing a document oriented modelling language and the Open Source Business Library with con:cern at it's core.

Posted by Holger Engels 2006-10-20

Open Source Business Library

Wilken Solution Services has developed the so called OSBL around con:cern and wingS. That is a composition of well known OS components for the purpose of developing process based web applications in a highly efficient manner.

Posted by Holger Engels 2006-10-11


We're currently moving the sources into the SVN repository. The CVS Repository will die.

Posted by Holger Engels 2006-03-16

Tristate Logic

The evaluation of conditions has been enhanced to support tristate logic as inspired by Thomas Scherm. A condition can evaluate to true, false or undefined. This can drastically simplify the process model in cases where information is outstanding at first.

Posted by Holger Engels 2006-03-11

con:cern on the CeBIT

Wilken GmbH presents the new con:cern- based eProcurement Suite on the CeBIT.

Posted by Holger Engels 2006-03-11


Assigned Tasks can be exposed as an RSS Feed. Include the tasks in mozilla thunderbird / firefox or whatever your favourite news feed reader is.

Posted by Holger Engels 2005-09-29

Release 2.0.1 available

This is a bugfix release.

Posted by Holger Engels 2005-06-29

Current Development

The controller has been ported to hibernate 3.0. Multiple controllers can share a single table set or work with separate table sets by option. Annotatable logs are in the works.

Posted by Holger Engels 2005-05-10

Release 2.0 available

Please check the release notes and changes log. This release obsoletes all previous releases.

Posted by Holger Engels 2005-03-22

Dynamic Attributes

The modeller allows for association of arbitrary attributes with processes and their nodes. This feature enables the modeller to be used as a powerful tool for both business process analysis and requirement analysis.

Posted by Holger Engels 2005-02-14

Temporal Conditions

A new construct for dealing with temporal conditions has been introduced. A temporal condition can give the controller a hint, when its state will propably change.

Posted by Holger Engels 2004-12-03

JUGS Talklet

The Java User Group Stuttgart invites for a Talklet about con:cern. The Talklet is held by Holger Engels on 18.11.04. For more information, please visit http://www.jugs.org (german).

Posted by Holger Engels 2004-11-12

Graph Analysis

Partick Schmidt contributed two valuable graph analyzation tools: a graphical cycle detection with reachability and leavability analysis and gantt diagram generation. Check it out using WebStart right from the modeller homepage.

Posted by Holger Engels 2004-09-13

JMX Integration

A Process Controller can now be deployed as an MBean, exposing the configuration as well as the complete Controller API. MBean deployment on JBoss is described in the manual. Deployment on Tomcat and other JMX servers is not tested, but should work, too.

Posted by Holger Engels 2004-08-18

Spring Integration

Process controllers and Worklists can be easily setup using a spring application context xml. Please consult the online documentation for further information.

Posted by Holger Engels 2004-08-11

Up and Runnig again

The harddisk has been replaced. The engagement demo is now running on the new kernel. Build and installation instructions have been updated.

Posted by Holger Engels 2004-08-03

Hardware Failure on con-cern.org

The harddisk is damaged and mounted readonly at the moment. Unfortunately this prevents us from deploying the new kernel and an updated build / installation instructions. Please refere to the mailing lists for up-2-date information.

Posted by Holger Engels 2004-07-20

1.2 soon to be released

You are encouraged to checkout current CVS head and start working with the completely refactored controller.

Posted by Holger Engels 2004-07-16

Light weight Kernel

A light weight kernel is in development, that will run on both, j2ee and light weight containers (spring). As a side effect, the build- and deployment process will be less complex.

Posted by Holger Engels 2004-05-25

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