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Alpha Release

This is an ALPHA!
It should work for basic functionality in downloading torrents, most of the bugs are just in the UI and maybe caching of .torrent files.

the dmg has a Mac OS X Application and source.
the zip is just a src and will require a SWT download

Please download, look at it, maybe help out and suggest changes.

Posted by Adam Hathcock 2004-09-03


After some downtime for school, I'm slowing still working. Check CVS and the website. I wish the activity percentile thing was working for CVS.

Posted by Adam Hathcock 2004-06-24

Project IS Active

Check the SF CVS for latest source. I am coding, slowly but surely. Not sure when I'll get to a status where I'll make a release and call it beta.

Posted by Adam Hathcock 2004-04-01