Problems after upgrade 3.10 to 4.11f

  • Arne Johansson

    Arne Johansson - 2012-11-14

    I love ComPort!!
    My application D2007/Vista run fine with 3.10 most of the time but sometimes the communication failed. So I upgraded to 4.11f  After my upgrade the program goes crazy. It seems like the line:

    in procedure TComThread.DoEvents;

    takes very long time.

    The program works if it doesn't have to receive too much information, but even if I connect a GPS unit the program creates a crazy stream ov events, and it locks the computer so it may take 10 minutes or longer to even start the Task Manager.

    If I have the program running in debugger with no incoming data everything is fine. I have a breakpoint on the first statement on a menu item. If I click the menu item, the debugger just shows a crazy stream of events in the events log and the computer is locked for quite some time.

    What has gone wrong?

  • Arne Johansson

    Arne Johansson - 2012-11-14

    Seems like I had created all those event reports by tagging "Windows Messages" in Debugger Options.
    Without that tag it works better.


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