Setting higher baudrates

  • Anonymous - 2012-02-05

    The library uses the standard baudrates up to 256000. How should one setup the ComPort Libary to support higher baudrates - e.g. up to 3000000 since this is commonly available on RS432 type USB links.

  • Karl Jan Skontorp

    A long time since I tried this, I think it's possible to use "Custom rate". If I remember right, when using the builtin setup…
    Use a button to activate the setup dialog - ComPort1.ShowSetupDialog- in BuadRate, you'll find Custom. Use this. You also have to use LoadSettings and StoreSettings. In the settings file created, it's then possible to enter a custom BaudRate. I don't remember the maximum. To get the StoreSettings and LoadSettings to work, have a look in the example code or help file. I'm sure you get this working!
    Karl Jan

  • Warren

    Warren - 2012-02-05

    I've never tested or used the Custom Rate feature.  I hope it works. I only ever used the features that were supported in the classic 16550 UART serial chip, which only goes up to 115200 bps.


  • Marco van de Voort

    Got a pciex card with 16C950's.  Tried custom baudrates up to 6MBaud.   Till 1MBaud packets looked fine on the scope. Above 1MBaud (3 and 6 Mbaud)the signal was totally distorted,  However it was a quick test, and the cables were probably too long for 232.

    (we standardly only use 232, but using external 422 to 232 converters if cablelength requires it, but we don't have those on store).

    The cards say they support 422 too, but I assume that is only the protocol, not the potentials.

    Saved the experiment, and if suitable 422 equipment crosses my desk, will try again.


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