ColMacF - 2011-11-15

I am using Delphi 6

My data stream comes from a third party source and is,

13 characters with CRLF to terminate - a total of 15 characters

Part of the way through there is # followed by CRLF  to signify a change in required processing action

The data stream then reverts to 13 characters plus CRLF

My problem is that with size set to 15 I read too much in when the line with # enters the datapacket and then I have roll over of all the data thereafter and it is corrupt.

If I set ComDataPacket1.size:=0;  ComDataPacket1.IncludeStrings:=True; ComDataPacket1.StopString:= #13#10 then the packet is not actioned.  Why not?  How should I define the stop string?  Should it be :=#$D#$A  or  in quotes as '#$D#$A'  or what?

Any help?