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#9 I cannot export my model from EA


I am trying to perform a one-way export of a UML Class Model from EA to Eclipse 3.4.1. I have followed the steps in the installation instructions. When I run the workflow EA reports an error "EA internal error".

Can you suggest how I should resolve/investigate the problem?


  • Ueli Brawand

    Ueli Brawand - 2009-08-15

    Hi Patrick

    Could you attache a zip file containing your workflow and EA file?
    Which version of uml2export do you use?

    Regards, Ueli

  • Ueli Brawand

    Ueli Brawand - 2009-08-26

    Do you need help any more?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Sorry for the slow response.
    I started from scratch with a simple model that exported OK. Then I gradually built up the test, adding more packages. A few tests failed, but worked ok after a restart.
    The end result is that I have the packages I want in Eclipse, though the Log showed a few exceptions during the process. I do not know the cause of the exception, the Eclipse model seems OK. If and when I find a problem with model I will add another comment (or create a new request).
    Thanks for your assistance.

  • Ueli Brawand

    Ueli Brawand - 2009-08-29
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