froedi - 2005-06-07


I'm currently trying to install compo on my linux box, following the readme.html.

it says

        4) Launch a Common Lisp session;
        5) Load the file compo-3.0/cm-232/src/compo-cm.lisp;

unfortunately I'm not quite sure how to do that (I have never used clisp before).

what I did is

        ~/compo-3.0$ clisp cm-232/src/compo-cm.lisp

which seems to have worked so far.

        6) After some automatic loading and compilations, you should be asked to launch clisp again, and reload the file compo-cm.lisp. Do it.

        7) A Lisp image should automatically be generated in the folder compo-3.0/. [...]

I reentered the command, but there is no memory image created...

I'd be very happy if anyone could give me a hint about what I am doing wrong.

thank you in advance