#4587 Scheduler Don't work after JBoss restart


We are facing issue with schedulers not starting if jboss is restarted.

Steps to reporoduce:
1. Define a schedule for running every 5 mins.
2. Define a scheduler to execute a process and use the schedule of running after every 5 mins.
3. If we start JBoss for first time, it will start the scheduler to execute process after 5 mins.

Say we started the Jboss as 3:00pm
Process was executed at 3:05pm, 3:10pm, ...
Now at 3:57pm I shut down the server. And restarted the server at 4:03pm. That means the scheduler should have executed the process at 4:05pm. But it did not start the scheduler process and Next Run time still shows 4:00pm



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    Hi Uma,
    I was not able to reproduce this on 2.6.3. This problem seems to be fixed already in this release.

    Can you please check with 2.6.3 if the scheduler dies if next run is in the past?

    Can you also try to check on GardenWorld the following steps with 2.6.3?
    - create a new Schedule for every 5 Minutes.
    - create a new Scheduler using the above Schedule and the process AD_NoteDelete
    - test if this Scheduler works correct for your issue


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