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Compiere earns SupplyChainBrain award

Compiere has been named a SupplyChainBrain 2009 100 Great Supply Chain Partner. Compiere was selected based on the company's success in improving operations and margin growth of customer Southern Book Company (SBC), a leading educational publishing distributor. With Compiere's ERP, SBC has increased net margins ten percent and more than doubled the company's revenue. Read about this at

Posted by Lee-Lin Thye 2009-06-23

Free Webinar on "Next Gen. Enterprise Manufacturing System"

Free live webinar sponsored by Compiere on "What is the Next Generation Enterprise Manufacturing System?" on June 23rd,2009 at 9 am PDT/12 noon EDT
Speakers are: Hermant "Sunny" Gosain, EVP of Products at Compiere and Kalpana Vora, Technical Architect at Compiere
Register at:

Posted by Lee-Lin Thye 2009-06-16

Free Webinar on Compiere Cloud Edition!

"ERP on the Cloud: A Mission-Critical Application for the Enterprise" will air on April 21st at 12:00 pm EST.
Speakers are:
1. Don Klaiss, CEO and President of Compiere Inc.,
2. Jerry Skaare, CEO of O-SO Pure Inc.,
3. Mike Culver, Evangelist at Amazon Web Services
Register at:
Don't miss this opportunity to hear about Compiere Cloud Edition from Don Klaiss himself, how O-SO Pure runs its ERP solution on Amazon's Cloud, and details on Amazon EC2 from an Amazon Evangelist.
See you there!

Posted by Lee-Lin Thye 2009-04-10

Announcing Compiere Cloud Edition!

Compiere announced the new Cloud Edition product with Amazon, the first ever ERP system available on the Amazon Cloud.

View the full press release "Compiere Releases Enterprise-Class ERP Solution on Amazon's Cloud" which includes quotes from Amazon, Compiere CEO Don Klaiss, and Compiere partner Levementum at For more information about Compiere Cloud Edition check out

Posted by Lee-Lin Thye 2009-03-27

Compiere 3.2 available for Community download!

Compiere 3.2 is available for community download at

Compiere 3.2 is a major release that adds more than 30 new functional, technical and business analysis enhancements.

Some of the enhancements are in the areas of Data Dictionary, Account Balance Summary and New Tenants.

Please visit for more details on this release.... read more

Posted by Lee-Lin Thye 2009-03-27

Introducing Compiere Warehouse Management

Today Compiere began shipping the industry's first comprehensive Warehouse Management System (WMS) developed on an open source platform. Compiere Warehouse Management ( ) helps companies increase visibility into warehouse operations, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction by automating inbound and outbound logistics within the warehouse. ... read more

Posted by Bill Freedman 2008-10-21

Compiere 3.1 is here!

Compiere 3.1 is here! Download the software today at .

Compiere 3.1 adds more than 400 new functional, technical and business analysis enhancements. Please take a moment to visit the Compiere Web site at to learn more about this major product release. In particular, you'll want to visit the "What's New in Compiere 3.1" page, . There you can learn about our expanded product line-up and the many new features and benefits of Compiere 3.1. ... read more

Posted by Bill Freedman 2008-08-06

Introducing the Compiere Community Wiki

I'm happy to announce two important and valuable contributions to the Compiere Community.

First, we've launched the Compiere Community Wiki to facilitate collaboration and information sharing across our worldwide 45,000-person community.

Second, we've contributed the entire Compiere User Documentation to the Compiere Community Wiki.

We invite everyone to visit the Compiere Community Wiki at: . ... read more

Posted by Bill Freedman 2008-06-11

New Demo: Easier Customization with Compiere

We've added a new Flash demo to's Product Demos page at .

"Easier Application Customization with Compiere" provides an introduction to the benefits and features of Compiere's Model-driven Application Platform and Data Dictionary. In just five minutes users can grasp what Compiere means by "customization without programming," and "easily change any thing at any time."... read more

Posted by Bill Freedman 2008-03-20

Compiere: A Google Web Toolkit Success Story

The Google Code team just completed a video success story regarding Compiere's use of Google Web Toolkit in creating the new Compiere Web Architecture and UI.

Read Google's blog post, listen to the video interview of Compiere engineers and watch a short Compiere Professional demonstration at:

Posted by Bill Freedman 2008-01-29

Compiere: 3.0 Now Available

Compiere ERP+CRM is the leading open source ERP solution for Distribution, Retail, Manufacturing and Service industries. Compiere automates accounting, supply chain, inventory and sales orders. Compiere ERP is distributed under GPL V2 by Compiere, Inc.

Compiere 3.0 is here! Download the software today at read more

Posted by Bill Freedman 2007-12-04

Sneak Peek – Compiere's New Web Architecture and UI

As many of you know, Compiere is working on a next-generation Web Architecture. Today we are providing a sneak peek at the forthcoming technology on the Compiere web site at:

This is a rather ambitious project offering multiple benefits. Compiere users gain a modern, interactive and feature-rich Compiere client that provides easy and secure access from a web browser. IT administrators benefit from not having to install or administer client software on every desktop.... read more

Posted by Bill Freedman 2007-11-09

Compiere Announces Availability of Service Packs

Compiere announces the concept of periodic service packs. Service packs enable customers to safely apply bug fixes to their production Compiere systems without requiring a functional upgrade to the next release. A service pack consists of full source code, binary build, release notes and installation documentation. The most recent Compiere Service Pack is Compiere 2.6.3 which is available on top of stable release 2.6 (formerly known as 2.6.1). Released in August 2007, the service pack includes 86 bug fixes, usability enhancements and a more robust security model. Compiere will make Service Pack 2.6.3 available to all customers with support subscriptions, including to customers with Self-service Support. ... read more

Posted by 'Sunny' Hemant Gosain 2007-08-14

Compiere Extends Product Flexibility and Deployment Ease

Compiere Extends Product Flexibility and Deployment Ease with New Release

Latest Version of Open Source ERP and CRM Application Adds Support for EnterpriseDB and Streamlines Linux Deployments

Redwood Shores, Calif. – May 7, 2007 – Compiere, Inc., the leading provider of open source business applications, today announced the release of version 2.6.1 of its enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) application. New enhancements include full support for EnterpriseDB Advanced Server 8.1 along with customer-directed usability enhancements and streamlined configuration for businesses running Compiere on Red Hat Linux. With support for EnterpriseDB, Compiere expands its commitment to providing users with choice and freedom from vendor lock-in.... read more

Posted by 'Sunny' Hemant Gosain 2007-05-07

Expansion of Compiere

We just announced the addition of 4 new people to the Compiere management team. The SourceForge community might be particularly interested in our recent hire of Sunny Gosain as VP in charge of product development and support. We also opened our European office led by Yves Sandfort, longtime Compiere partner and frequent contributor to these forums. We also hired additional sales support for the Americas region and a marketing director. All of the details are in the press release below.... read more

Posted by DawnFoster 2007-04-16

Jorg Becomes a Blogger

Jorg Janke, founder of Compiere, has just launched Jorg Janke's Blog at The current blog topic as of April 2, 2007 is Compiere's Origin and History, which has many interesting facts about Compiere. We can look forward to reading Jorg's thoughts about Compiere, open source, and other technology topics in future blog entries!

Posted by DawnFoster 2007-04-05

Compiere Passes 1.2 Million Downloads

Last week, Compiere passed a wonderful milestone: 1.2 million downloads on This is an amazing achievement for an enterprise software application. Compiere is the only enterprise software project on today with more than 1 million downloads. At 1.2 million downloads Compiere leads the next most downloaded enterprise software project by more than 20%.

This achievement is a testament to the creativity, effort and perseverance of our two founders, Jorg Janke and Kathy Pink. As we continue to grow the company, we plan to be able to share even more success stories with current and potential users of Compiere.... read more

Posted by DawnFoster 2007-03-26

Compiere Project Status

Quite a few exiting events happened recently
- Compiere got funded
- Compiere moved to Santa Clara, California
- Compiere tripled the staff
- Compiere attracted a world class board – with the Open Source guru Larry Augustin
- Compiere moved to a new datacenter
- Compiere greeted it’s 100th Partner
- Compiere is aggressively hiring – in Santa Clara and also worldwide

So, lots of activities, but unfortunately not that much product development recently. But, all the activities will help us to significantly increase our delivery and service capacity. ... read more

Posted by Jorg Janke 2006-09-08

Compiere Dashboard

Compiere Announces New Management Dashboard for Open Source ERP & CRM Application

Dashboard provides at-a-glance view of key performance indicators for more effective business strategy implementation and corporate objective tracking

Compiere the premier open source business applications, announced a management dashboard for Compiere ERP & CRM, its open source application for accounting, supply chain management, enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management. The new management dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of key performance indicators for an interactive, real-time summary of a company’s overall performance. The dashboard enables executives to more effectively implement key business strategies, track corporate and sales objectives, and reach company performance goals. ... read more

Posted by Jorg Janke 2006-02-25

Compiere Priorities

Compiere development priorities are determined by the Compiere Partners.
The top items of the recent vote were:

- POS Soft Terminal (completing beta version)
- Dashboard/Cockpit/Balanced Score Card/Key Performance Indicator
- Requests (Issue Management, ITIL compatible/compliant Help Desk)
- Manufacturing (BOM, ..)

- Java UI & UI Performance Improvement utilizing Java 1.5 Swing improvements
- Master/Detail presentation in one Tab (default two tabs)
- HTML UI Improvements
- Remote/Disconnected POS... read more

Posted by Jorg Janke 2005-10-03

Compiere Web Broadcats

If you are new to Compiere, you may want to join our Web broadcasts:

On Thursdays at 8am and 6pm Pacific time (4pm and 2am London), you get an Overview of the Compiere Project and Market Positioning.

If you want to learn about how to become a Compiere Partner and it's benefits, join us Wednesdays at at 8am and 6pm Pacific time (4pm and 2am London).

Please select your session and register at

Posted by Jorg Janke 2005-09-26

Compiere July News

Compiere moved to Portland, Oregon - the (in)official Open Source capital . With the Open Source Development Lab (OSDL), the Open Source Lab (OSL) of the Oregon State University (hosting Firefox, etc.), the Linux centers of IBM and Intel, Portland is certainly the Linux epicenter. The Open Technology Center in nearby Beaverton and the Business Accelerator of the Portland State University provide infrastructure for Open Source companies. Portland is also the epicenter for the Eclipse project. Jive Software and Compiere are two commercial Open Source companies moving from the North East to Portland to expand their operation and are joining companies like Tripwire and Instantiations.
Compiere's Project Lead, Jorg Janke said, "We are very pleased to become a part of the greater open source community based in Portland. There is a sense of excitement throughout the community about the increasing acceptance and adoption of open-source applications to power critical business operations for a growing number of corporate companies worldwide."
Based on the feedback of the community, Compiere changed its release strategy. We will release new versions in August, November, February and May with an early release at the beginning of the month and after the QA cycle at the end of the month.
Note that the early bird offer for the August Compiere Intensive and Technical Training in Toronto, Canada will expire this Friday. The Compiere Training is the most efficient way to get Compiere into production as well as joining the 50+ partners worldwide to provide Compiere related consulting and services.
Compiere is the primary open source business application with more than 850,000 downloads and provides accounting, supply chain management, ERP and CRM to small-medium enterprises via Compiere's 50+ member partner network worldwide. Compiere, Inc. provides commercial backing and offers support and services for the Compiere product. Compiere is available on Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac and UNIX platforms. For more information, please log on to:

Posted by Jorg Janke 2005-07-06

Compiere & Contributions

Compiere Partners Complete Quality Testing on New Compiere ERP & CRM Open Source Software Application

Compiere version 2.5.2c provides a cost-effective, reliable ERP & CRM application for small- to mid-sized businesses throughout the world

MONROE, CT, MAY 2, 2005, Compiere, Inc., the premier provider of open source business software applications, today announced the release of Compiere ERP & CRM system, version 2.5.2c, with enhanced functionality and stability. The new version of the software features improved request functionality (issue tracking), batch (expense) invoice entry, and improved security management. This is in addition to the new costing infrastructure for the support of LiFo, FiFo, and Average costing. ... read more

Posted by Jorg Janke 2005-05-02

Compiere R2.5.2 with Database Independence

Compiere, the #1 Open Source ERP + CRM business application announced Release 2.5.2 and Database Independence. With more then 800,000 downloads and available in over 15 languages, Compiere is used by small/medium enterprises worldwide.

Compiere to date, has been available on Oracle. We are pleased to announce that it is now also available on Sybase. Several independent open source projects have ported Compiere to different databases. The difference to these approaches and Release 2.5.2 is that all PL/SQL code was ported to Java and that the database independence layer automatically converts the dynamically generated SQL to the target database. This allows simultaneous release on all platforms, avoids laborious porting delays and minimizes support and maintenance costs.... read more

Posted by Jorg Janke 2005-02-08

Compiere Q3 News

Compiere - a mainstream ERP & CRM solution
Well, nearly ;-) Compiere with now 750.000+ downloads is the primary Open Source Business Solution (covered by all analysts). Now also more and more (JDEdwars and probably soon PeopleSoft) users are looking for a stable application where users control the destiny of their application. read more

Posted by Jorg Janke 2004-11-01

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