Compiere Project Status

Quite a few exiting events happened recently
- Compiere got funded
- Compiere moved to Santa Clara, California
- Compiere tripled the staff
- Compiere attracted a world class board – with the Open Source guru Larry Augustin
- Compiere moved to a new datacenter
- Compiere greeted it’s 100th Partner
- Compiere is aggressively hiring – in Santa Clara and also worldwide

So, lots of activities, but unfortunately not that much product development recently. But, all the activities will help us to significantly increase our delivery and service capacity.

So please give us a little bit more time to get our act together – In the not so distant future, you will be able to benefit from
- improved infrastructure (svn instead of cvs, support requests, etc.)
- completely revised HTML UI
- Open Source database support
- Improved and new product features

To be very clear – there were quite a few changes, but what did NOT change is our commitment to Open Source. Open Source was a cornerstone for our success so far and it will be in the future!!

What funding allows us now, is to better integrate community activities. Our 100+ Partners are our main backbone for contributions – and partners will continue to determine the direction of the product. In our Partner Conference in Santa Clara on 20/21 October, we will discuss directions and best practices.

So far, we had too few resources to effectively integrate “Compiere Freelancers”. We are determined to change this. I am very much interested to hear your ideas. I am planning a “Compiere Contributor Conference” here in Silicon Valley in early December.

Let me know, how you could contribute to help Compiere to develop from the “Primary Open Source ERP Solution” to the “Primary ERP solution for the mid-market”.

Jorg Janke
Compiere Project Lead

Posted by Jorg Janke 2006-09-08

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