Compiere R2.5.1e

Compiere released its newest Production Release 2.5.1e !

Significant functionality was added:
- Credit Management & Dunning
- Improved Discount Management
- Payment-Invoice Allocation improvements (incl. Auto Match)
- Ship/Receive in multiple UOMs
- Service Level Agreements
- GL Distribution
- Prepayment Order Improvements
- Financial Report writer improvements

Technical Improvements:
- Support of Oracle 10g
- Improved Database Connection management
- Performance improvements

Significant reduction of open bugs.

The R2.5.1e Documentation is 665 pages and available for download.

The most effective way to learn Compiere and reduce product time and risk is attending the Compiere Intensive Training and the Compiere Advanced Training.
The next training is scheduled in Toronto, Canada - 12-16 / 19-21 September.
After that we plan 5-9 / 12-14 December in Miami, FL and 14-18 / 21-23 March '05 in San Diego, CA

P.S.: We are improving our web site and hope to have the new site with updated content available in about 2 weeks.

Posted by Jorg Janke 2004-08-28

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