#672 issues with assigning serial #s at material receipt


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We are using 2.6.0c and are stumped as to how one is supposed to create material receipts for serialized products. We've searched the bug list and found 1468260 which describes *part* of the problem, and 1386021 (closed as dup of a bug that I haven't yet been able to find in SF, despite searching through 454 matches on 'material receipt serial').

The issue is this: Say I have a PO for 100 serialized units of Windows Vista.

My purchase arrives at the shipping doc, and I bring up Material receipt to receive in my inventory. On the material receipt window, after filling in the header, the user has the option of creating lines from the PO. If we take this approach, 1 line is created for the material receipt with the qty as 100. This is a BIG PROBLEM because this causes all the 100 units to have the same serial number. If the user adds additional lines to the receipt for the same product, then we have two additional problems - Compiere will only allow the same serial number for each line, AND Compiere will mark all of these additional lines as backordered (presumably since they weren't generated from the Copy Lines from PO process?)

This is a very big issue for us, as we were planning to go live with our new client in early March, but this is a showstopper for them. Manually creating 100 lines in this case not only is TEDIOUS but doesn't allow the 'link' to the original PO, so you don't get the management of received qty and so on on the PO.

1468260 describes how if we only do a partial receipt and come back later, we still aren't able to assign additional serial numbers.



  • Kathy Pink

    Kathy Pink - 2007-02-21
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  • Kathy Pink

    Kathy Pink - 2007-02-21

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    what is required is a create from option where it would break the qty into single lines for any product that is serialized


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