#57 Compiere Production Planning and Control


HI all!

This is the draft for Production Planning and Control
module of
Compiere. My idea is to have just one business object
Order). This Object is the base for hole module.

The plan would be to make first the business object
(Order Production)
and then enable every types of manufacture and planning
modules (MRP and

I have been thinking to use the prefix M_, to create
the DB tables, but
i dont know if it is the best, maybe will be better to
create a new
ones, if this is correct what would you recommend me.

In this moment I am doing business object desing to
know which are the
requirements and after that create the DB table

Please tell me what you think.

Note: The files are Html.

Best regards
Victor Pérez Juárez


  • Jorg Janke

    Jorg Janke - 2002-09-30
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  • Vipen Mahajan

    Vipen Mahajan - 2002-10-01

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    Scope What about:
    1. Master Production Plan, how do we create it, forecasting,
    or as, you have alluded, keep that as a manual input,
    probably some sort of linkage with the Sales Orders.
    2. Changes required in Item (Product Master), like
    manufacturing batch size, lead times,
    3. We probably will have to re-visit the Bill of Materials also,
    do we 2 BOM's, the engineering BoM and the Manufacturing
    4. What about a classic MRP, and creatinga functionality of
    finite capacity planning/scheduling.
    5. Multi-plant operations.
    6. Move/transist time, setup and tear-down times.
    7. For batch production the splitting of batches and in
    process rejections/shrinkage.

    8. Some other people were also talking about integrating
    Compiere with a scheduling package.

    Comments, I think tables prefix,M_ is being used, maybe we
    could use F_, for factory.


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