avdalen - 2006-09-30

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I have this requirement too. We are using Compiere in an
Eventing company.

Our products are used during a function such as a Corporate
Year End Function. The stock is not sold to the customer,
but it is required on proposals, shipping, manufacture and

At present we process a proposal. If accepted by the
customer, it is converted to a sales order (available stock
and reserved stock an issue). It is then shipped some time
in the future (again, reservation and available stock an
issue as the actual shipment could take place sevaral
months from order date). A key area that is lacking is the
ability to determine whether stock would be available at a
certain time in order not to conflict with another event.

When the event is complete, we return stock to inventory
and bill stock losses seperately.

So, the requirement in summary;
The ability to have a rental type product, that will be
similar to a resource in that it has a schedule. On a
proposal (non-binding offer) the product does not reserve
or allocate stock.
On a sales order, a return date becomes active and required
which should default to a return policy (return within 1
day, hour, month, etc). Each line item on the order must
then get a return date based on the default (as items may
be returned at different times).
A Rental Return window should then allow for the processing
of returns. Select either the product, business partner or
shipment and then create the return off of that document.
The return policy should define the action if returned late
(for example, penalty late return which generated an
To make planning around product availability easier, a
schedule (similar to the resource schedule) would be
advantageous. This should allow anyone to view whether a
specific product is currently available or when in the
future it would or would not be available.
Color coding (red for out movements, green for in
movements) would be good. (This could also be the basis for
a product seasonal forecast/demand graph).

What to do if overlapping is not allowed but the product is
returned late? Maybe a process to update affected shipment
delays or at least a report showing affected shipments)

A return policy should also indicate the means of the
return collector (similar to Shipper) so that the return
collector could be informed of the return. The customer
could also be the one returning the product.