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Hi Jorg

We have reviewed your proposal and we have the next
1.- Compiere should be able to have any combination of
2.- Any GL Distribution should add 100% for not to
make mistakes
3.- Any GL Distribution could include another GL
Distribution, this is for doinga second level of

You can see an example here:

GL Distribution To simplify data entry, use GL
Distribution to define codes that allocate fixed
percentages of expenses to different account element,
cost centers, and projects or any dimenstion.

You can specify an GL Distribution anywhere you can
enter any dimention.

You can define nested GL Distribution so that one GL
Distribution references another. When the system
calculates amounts, it explodes each level of GL
Distribution, multiplying the amount to be apportioned
by the percentages at each level.

Example When ABC Company posts utility expenses to
Accounts Payable, a part ofthe expense is posted to
cleaning costs. Cleaning costs are prorated among
several accounts: 40% to Production, 50% to General
Expense, 10% to Capitalization. Rather than enter
multiple account codes for each transaction, ABC
defines an GL Distribution for the group of accounts,
allowing the data entry operator to enter one
allocation code rather than three accounts.

Taking this example one step further, GL Distribution
can be nested. In theexample above, 10% of cleaning
cost is capitalized as improvements. This 10% issplit
evenly between accounts for general improvements and
preventivemaintenance. An GL Distribution is set up for
capitalization. The accounts forgeneral improvements
and preventive maintenance each have an allocation
percentage of 50%. However, only 5% of the total
cleaning cost expense is posted to each account.

1 GL Distribution for Cleanring cost

level 1 Production Account Element 40%
level 1 Capitalization 10%
level 2 GL Distribution for Capitalization
level 3 General improvements Account Element 5% (50%
of 10 % of Capitalization)
level 3 Preventive Maintenaince Account Element 5%
(50% of 10% of Capitalization)
level 1 General Expence Account Element 50%

Best Regards
Victor Pérez


  • Jorg Janke

    Jorg Janke - 2004-10-13
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Jorg Janke

    Jorg Janke - 2004-10-13

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    ** Feature included in next release **


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