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i know that the service- and resource management part
is not finished yet, but i had test the actual functions
exists unter the node "service" special the "expense
type" and "expense report". We had some business
case and i've some
questions if compiere will match tem in the near future
or if some cases are useful to create an RFE.

Best Regards

Business Case:

1. Order entry:

We receive an order "first order" with two order lines 1.)
50 days consulting and 2.) 200 hours engineering for a
project "project x".

2. Enter expenses on wich costing is estimated and
employees and freelancers are paid:

The employees and freelancers has to enter the
expenses in hours/minutes on which the employee- and
freelancer-payments are based.

There are four kinds of expenses:

a. Only Time Report.
This is only for time reporting. On this information
there is nothing to pay and nothing to invoice.

b. Expense Time Report. Based on this information, the
company has to pay the employees or
freelancer wich earned money based on hours.

c. Calculatory expense Time Report.
These are real efforts but they were not paid. This
information is needed to calculate the
real costing regardless if all efforts are really paid.
In our case these are owners efforts which are not

3. Enter expenses on wich the short delivery and
invoices are created:

The employees and freelancers has to enter the
expenses in hours/minutes, days or something on
which the short delivery and the invoices are created.

In the case of orderline 1, the employees are paid in
hours but the invoicing is based on days regardless if
employee works 6- or 10 hours a day.

In the case of orderline 2, the employees and the
invoicing are based on expenses in the granularity of 1/4

4. Invoicing:

Every month or when the project is ended, the short
delivery and the invoices based on the expenses entered
in point 3)
are created.

Some special business case:

1. In the middle of a month, some customers wants an
invoice in which the effords for the complete month are
This action is mostly in the month short before the
customers has financial year end.
The to great- or to small invoiced effords should be
substract or added in the next month, when the new
year has started.

2. The ordered hours or -days are estimated and could
not exactly delivered. It could be, the order is finished
when to
much- or to less quantity of hours or days are delivered.


There is something that i can actually do with the
expense report:

1. Only time reports (see 2a)
2. Expense Time Report (see 2b)
3. Enter expenses which are the base for invoice (see 3)

But some questions are open:

1. How can i enter and reporting the calculatory
expenses entered in 2c ?
2. Can i create short delivery notes from the expense
report and based on them create invoices ?
3. Can i create collecting delivering notes or -invoices
which collect the efforts from many employees
for orderline 1 and 2.
4. In the expense report i've only seen an reference to an
project but no one for an orderline.
In the future, it is posible to reference the invoicing
efforts to an orderline ?


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    Jorg Janke - 2003-02-18

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    Please check out the functionality in 2.4.4 - most of this is

  • Jorg Janke

    Jorg Janke - 2003-02-18
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