COMING SOON: Ready-to-use, automated Compiere installation (with free bundled database)

Hi all,

I thank the Compiere community for their constant support and encouragement. A lot of you have been mailing in to say that Compiere+Daffodil has been the combo you have been looking for.

Further to the same, we now have plans to release a totally automated Compiere installation, for Compiere-compatible Daffodil DB. It would be available on a CD or could be directly downloaded as a zip file. This would result in a simple installation process (we are targeting an under-5-minutes scenario).

This means that Compiere+Daffodil will soon be ready to be used in a real-time environment. To start with, we plan to target the 20-users-or-less environment, however we have full plans to scale up on the number of users.

Keep visiting for more details on the same. Do let us know (via this forum) your thoughts on the same, as also how good an idea this would be.