How to use serial no??

  • andy

    andy - 2004-06-14

    How is serial no used in compiere?

    From my understanding, Lot No is similar to a production number. 1 lot no can have multiple product instances.
    While serial no is a unique identifier for each instance (each instance has its own serial no).
    Is this right?

    Secondly, what should I do if I want to enter a material receipt with 100 Product X as its receipt line. Each of product X has its ID.
    What I did was, I used serial no to substitute ID. When in the receipt line window, after selecting the product, I selected the attribute instance(serial no).

    However, this is not the right solution. This solution creates 100 instances of product X with same serial no.

    How do I should implement this case in compiere?

    Thanks in advance...

    • da8vid

      da8vid - 2004-06-30

      yeah ,MobilePhone for example!

    • Kathy Pink

      Kathy Pink - 2004-06-30

      YOu need to assign each serial number individually


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