Compiere Manufacturing (CMPCS) Release 1

  • Victor Perez Juarez

    After a long period analyzing the best options to a first working  version of CMPCS, today we are releasing this version considering two main issue for getting the next goal :

    To be able to plan and control the manufacturing process of a middle size enterprise (It is prepared for be used in process and discrete manufacturing)

    The main issues are to use as much as possible the Compiere infrastructure and developed modules, and to use  APICS researchs to take avantage of the long practical and proved experience working within manufacturing environment all over the world.

    As we mentioned before currently the topic covered are Resource (Production Line,Work Center, Work station, etc.), BOM & Formula , Workflow (Routing) , MPS , MRP , Manufacturing Orders(MO), Inventory transactions for MO,  Costing Management (Group of Cost, Element of Cost, Cost Type "Material, Labor , Burden,Overhead,Subcontract") and Cost Collector for currrent cost.

    You can use PatioSet and its BOM to discrete manufacturing and Fertilizer and its Formula for manufacturing process, to  try every issue of the system.

    We want to offer this system to the Compiere community hoping this can be usefull for you and your customers and at the same time to receive feedback around your ideas and requirements to improve the characteristics and to continue growing up with  the most demanded options. If this system is accepted by the Compiere Community it will be included in the Compiere core by Compier Inc. 

    Victor Perez Juarez

    • Mete Kural

      Mete Kural - 2005-02-02

      Thank you for this update. Does this CMPCS project consist of a collection of modules to be deployed in a Compiere implementation or is it a seperate piece of software that integrates with Compiere? Is it written in a database-independent manner?


      • Victor Perez Juarez


        CMPCS Manufacturing is 100% integrate into of Compiere and currently work for Oracle10g.

        Some examples of the integration with Compiere are the Resource of Compiere, now you can define that resource as a manufacturing resource (Plant, Production Line, WorkCenter, etc.).  Manufacturing Routings are made with Compiere workflow. Of course uses SO,PO,PR,Inv and every Compiere functionality usefull for Manufacturing Planning and Control

        The main goal is to support this proyect to be integrated to the Compiere core.

        Best Regards.

        • Mete Kural

          Mete Kural - 2005-02-02

          Thanks for the response Victor.

          So what is the relation between Compiere MP&CS and  the Compiere MFG & SCM project then? Perhaps Andre could contribute a post in this thread also.


    • Andre Charles Legendre

      Hi Mete

      It is no relation between Compiere MP&CS and the Compiere MFG & SCM project.

      Compiere MFG & SCM project is a plant automation tool, not an administrative tool. So I beleive that we don't cover the same functions.

      Compiere MFG & SCM project is not integrated with Compiere ERP and plan to be just interfaced.

      Compiere MFG & SCM can work without ERP or with any ERP.

      Compiere MFG & SCM project is mainly a framework to relalize applications, not an application istself.

      Compiere MFG & SCM project, is integrated with eclipse and database independent. Compiere MP&CS is to be integrated with Compiere ERP & CRM.

      Compiere MFG & SCM project base is Lean manufacturing and Compiere MP&CS base is Apics.

      I beleive that we are complementary tools. depend what you need.

      Hope these answers help. May be Victor or Miguel can complete this.

      Best regards

      Andre Legendre

      • Mete Kural

        Mete Kural - 2005-02-03

        Thanks a lot for these clarifications Andre!


    • Marco LOMBARDO

      Marco LOMBARDO - 2005-02-03

      BTW I do not see the source code.
      The CVS appear also empty to me.



    • Marco LOMBARDO

      Marco LOMBARDO - 2005-03-25

      Still interested in the Source Code.
      As you probably know every Open Source project require a public source code :-)


      Compilo subAdministrator

    • hungyic

      hungyic - 2005-03-28

      I do not see the source code

    • Red_Actor

      Red_Actor - 2005-04-01

      I have very simple question. Compiere produces often new releases 2.5.1, 2.5.2a, 2.5.2 b etc. Will you produce CMPCS for every release or existing CMPCS can be used for all releases?

      Thanks in advance for your answer,

    • bulls

      bulls - 2005-04-11

      Hi Victor, do you have plan CMPCS will port to postgresql ?


    • jgrande

      jgrande - 2005-04-20

      Hi. I am new to Compiere and have just installed version 2.5.2a on windows. I am very interested in the Manufacturing module. My background is on SAP so this java-based technology is new to me.

      I've been searching for the document on how to install CMPCS and was unsuccessful. Can someone please point me to the right direction?

      Thanks in advance!

      • Marco LOMBARDO

        Marco LOMBARDO - 2005-04-20

        Mmmm... I was looking for the source code even with out documentation but it seems there is no source code for this project. If you find it please post here.


        Compilo subAdministrator

    • Gaurav Kumar

      Gaurav Kumar - 2006-03-19

      I downloaded the source code from this url, and then I also build the source code. Its working fine.

      Gaurav Kumar


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