Compiere Manufacturing Planning Meeting

Jorg Janke
  • Jorg Janke

    Jorg Janke - 2004-06-29

    Thanks to Pierre Spilleboudt (Audaxis), Andre Legendre, Miguel Jimenez (e-evolution), Scott Klakken (cijvp) for helping to define Compiere Manufacturing.

    Main point: we "invented" a Product Template - the combination of Routing and BOM. This will allow to use Compiere in Discrete and (to a certain degree) Process Manufacturing.

    The next steps are:

    - Define Data/Object Model
    - Implement/Convert existing entities (BOM, etc.)
    - Discontinue M_Production* (NO! conversion to the new Work Order Object)
    - Adding new Entities & Processes

    A more concrete plan will be published end of July.

    We are looking for sponsors (pilot sites).
    If you are interested, please contact us at with your requirements.

    • Andre Charles Legendre


      As planned Compiere MFG & SCM has updated it's objectives document to take in count what was said in Orlando meeting.

      You can find it at :

      Roadmap has also been updated, including status of Compiere MFG & SCM

      Objectives are quite stable and we are on the road.

      Have nice time.

      Andre Legendre

    • Wilfried

      Wilfried - 2004-11-24


      I just went through the general objectives of MFG&SCM and am quite impressed.  when is the first code available for testing ?  How can I get more involved in this.  The company I work for is very interested to take a closer look at Compiere as a possible alternative for our current ERP package.

      Best regards,


    • Redhuan D. Oon

      Redhuan D. Oon - 2004-11-25

      Hi Wilfried,
      The first codes are in the process of been finalised in its integration into Eclipse by Andre Legendre, the project Admin of

      The beta integration stage will follow suit. An expected first release is around middle 2005 but still is dependent on a few factors.

      Ironically one factor is for a test case client, and this is where u may be able to involve. We need an early reqs study and specs. If such case from a client who is willing to be a prototype, will provide the time to mature of the app. as we can parallely use the specs as a prototype scenario and test certain things on it.

      This is not my qualified opinion though as i m just an assistant to Andre in the project team. He might give a clearer direction.

      thanking you for your inquiry,
      Tutorial Writer
      Compiere-MfgScm Project


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