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Pete C
  • Pete C

    Pete C - 2003-08-20

    I am considering trying to implement Compiere when the Manufacturing portion is rolled out. But I do have some questions about how the project plans to handle/implement scheduling.

    I work in a mixed mode manufacturing business - dollar wise 50-50 between made to stock and made to order. We are in serious need of a new ERP package, but at the same time are faced with budget issues (as is everyone it seems) that make seeking out the lowest cost system we can find that will do the job a necessity. By that I mean if I use Compiere I expect I will use a consultant/consulting for at least a portion of the project, not that I am seeing this as an entirely free solution for us.

    Will Compiere support infinite scheduling, finite scheduling, both, or determinable at machine level (some work centers finite, some infinite)

    What about forward and backward scheduling?

    Are there any plans to develop optimized scheduling? As in given the load, the software will calculate the most efficient work flow to get the greatest through put on the shop floor. This is something missing from every package I have seriously considered thus far. It is however a feature in the likes of SAP & it's direct competitors.

    The reason I ask this particular question is we have quite easily 250+ jobs on the floor at any given time and if a person has to optimize production they can only be so efficient. This is one of present difficulties. But at the same time packages like SAP are out of our budget.

    Will scheduling be available in "graphic" format? (Drag n Drop) Our average user knows enough about a computer to turn it on....

    Will there be any means to see the impact of a change to a deadline before enacting that change?
    (i.e. Client A calls and says I need job1 in 2 days now, if we check to see if we can do it, will it show that we can/can not and that if we do it will make job3, job4 and job5 late?)

    If anyone has the time to answer or can recomend someone to talk to/consult with, I would GREATLY appreciated it.

    • Andre Charles Legendre

      The scheduling will be optimized scheduling. Rules will be determinable at capacity level.
      Request delivery time will be a parameter usable in rules.

      Optimistion is made in an inovative way base to reduce WIP and to maintain a minimum number of WIP (never 0 if possible).

      Some elements will be available in graphic mode at worker level : they will be able to change priority or to move some tasks, operation or work orders. But they will not have access to change rules.(normaly to complexe and unsafe)

      The delivery time will be visible, and possible to compare with the required time. Alert will happen when delivery will be planned out of time.

      Best regards

      Andre Legendre

    • Jérome Calais

      Jérome Calais - 2003-09-05

      Do we have any ideas of when this new manufacturing module will be available ?

      Our company may help in the development of this module if we know more about the present status of this project.

      Thanks for letting us know

    • Andre Charles Legendre

      The status of this projetc is that we are in detailed design and prototyping.

      It was first plan to deliver begining 2004, but now we are planning begin of March 2004.

      Any help could be usefull. Specialy, for configuration menus and screens.

      If you have time to do that send me and e_mail.

      Have a nice day

      Andre Legendre

    • Loco

      Loco - 2004-06-08


      I'm very interested in this module i was wondering how far along it is? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you


      • Datawoo Admin

        Datawoo Admin - 2004-06-08

        Not much has been done on this module for the past few months, as I have been working on other things.

        There will be a meeting in Orlando at the end of this month, however, and more news to follow.


      • Victor Perez Juarez

        Hi Keith!

        In this moment I have ready this features for CMP&CS (

        Manufacturing Rule is Ready
            1.-Plant, Lines & work center
                     Resource Type (same as Compiere)
                     Resource Manufacturing (here you can define any resource for Manufacturing "Plant, Production Line,Work Center , etc") this option is 100% integrated  with Compiere Resources
             2.-Bill of Material & Formula
                     BOM & Formula
                     BOM & Formula Review (Implotion & Explotion)
                     Product Substitute (Same as Compiere)
                     Change Component (here you can deactivate, add, expire a componet based in another component)
             3.-Routing & Process
                     Standard Operation (here you can define the standard operation for manufacturing this is linked  to a Compiere Workflow node)
                     Maintenance Routing & Process (Here you can define the process to make a product.),This option is 100% integrated with Compiere Workflow
                     WorkFlow Editor (Same as Compiere, is used for moving  Routing in a visual way)
                      Routing & Process Review (here you can see a  Routing with its operations)

        In Process in short for 4 to 8 weeks
                       Manufacturing Order & Repetitive Schedule
                       Cost Management based on Standard Costing (Labor, Overhead , Burden , SubContract)


        In short:

        currently we are working in a food for animalsfactory and we believe in two more months the system will be ready.We have Structures and we are using hierarchy of resources for handling Plants,Departments, Production Lines, work centers etc. On the other hand we are using the workflows to manage routing. The manufacturing orders arealmost ready. I think in around two more month the system will be ready to be published.

        Victor Prez Jurez


    • Loco

      Loco - 2004-06-10

      This sounds very good, I am working in a plastic extrusion plant, where we would need to schedule for each extrusion line. I don't know if this would be a problem. Thank you for you feedback.




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