3 Manufacturing project ???

Duy Vinh
  • Duy Vinh

    Duy Vinh - 2004-06-11

    1) http://sourceforge.net/projects/cmpcs
    2) http://compiere-mfgscm.sourceforge.net
    3) In Compiere cvs server

    They are not the same ?

    • Andre Charles Legendre


      They are not the same.
      I hope they will be complementary.
      Manufacturing cover a very large set of jobs. Some very differents of other (from machines protocols to financila elements like costing) and require often different knowleges.

      We (Leaders of these projects) have a meeting at this end of the month about scope of "Compiere Manufacturing".

      At first glance, it seems that Compiere MFG & SCM does not overlap Compiere MRP & CRM. We had a discussion with Jorg about that last year before start.
      I postpone publishing which was plan this week, to be able to adapt scope of Compiere MFG & SCM, if necessary.

      Best regards

      Andre Legendre

    • Andre Charles Legendre


      You can have more information now at :


      Best Regards

      Andre Legendre

    • Duy Vinh

      Duy Vinh - 2004-06-17

      Hi !

      How about early version ? How to get it ?

    • Andre Charles Legendre


      If you have a case study, connect me by mail.



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