Status Compier MFG + SCM

  • Andre Charles Legendre


    Compiere MFG & SCM has progessed slowly during summer!
    We had to enjoy family holidays !

    We keep focus to deliver the very first public (alpha)release end of October, begin of November.

    We have done alarm Management and jsp to servlet modules.

    Before to start working on configuration, which is a critical part. We will spend some time to clean code.

    Documents has not been changeded and can be found at :

    A new case study and some help just arrived.

    Objectives and architecture are quite stables and we are on the road.

    Have nice time.

    Andre Legendre

    • Mr Mckinsey

      Mr Mckinsey - 2004-10-09


    • Andre Charles Legendre

      Thanks !

      Some fresh news.

      We keep working!

      Main news for this month come from the team.

      Compiere MFG + SCM team start to works good.
      We spend a lot of time and energy on this but with the help of red Huan and Marco Lombardo it is fine.

      red1 produce some howto, evaluate some techno, and help a lot to organize the team.
      Marco produce an install HOWTO and a design document for Master scheduler.
      Antonio produce a very nice installer.
      Arul works on configuration user interface coding.
      Dubey is working a little bit on barcode.
      Karine has made some JSP but now slow down because of university

      And on my side I am still working on configuration design.

      All this activity result in very few coding. We are late but result will be better.


    • Andre Charles Legendre


      Some news about Compiere MFG + SCM
      We keep working hard.
      Configuration design is finished. Implementation is done excepted User Interface. We decided to use Eclipse as User Interface. We are currently working on an Eclipse plugin.
      All code is in Eclipse on a CVS. So it is better for team work.
      Eclipse will give advantages for IT people to configure applications.
      This will give to us some overhead. Probably alpha code release will be published only in Juanuary. I take some rest with my family for the end of the year, and probably other members of team will do the same.

      We plan to have some training in April.

      I put a few days ago detailed and complete list of tasks.
      in source forge project Tasks at:
      Looking at that you have the whole complete and up to date planning.

      I will keep these tasks info up to date, so it will be easier to follow our progress.

      We realy work to respect objectives and architecture as defined in documents and it is a big job.

      I will publish next week 2 new documents.
      One defining the project concepts. They are mainly linked to Lean production. We try to explain them shortly.
      The other one is about the project marketing strategy. We follow the model created by Open Office marketing Team which made a realy nice job. This is quite important because define how community will go.

      Have nice time

      Andre Legendre

      • Mathias Aragon

        Mathias Aragon - 2004-11-25

        Parole, parole, parole ...

    • Andre Charles Legendre


      I just put online the CompiereMFG + SCM Concepts document

      This document plus Objectives and Architecture document give a good description of the project.

      Any feedback welcome


    • Andre Charles Legendre


      Some news from Compiere MFG +SCM.

      We keep progressing. I am currently now working on eclipse plugins and some team members are working on code review.

      I want to thank specialy Rasmus and Dieter, which help a lot for this code review. Rasmus also upgrade installer.

      I plan to present the first alpha release for the 17th/18th of February. And to put online source code some time later.

      As we are using Jini (from Sun) and Jini license is currently changing for Apache V2 (the same than Compiere MFG + SCM). We will have to wait for the offical announcement of Sun to publish. Like that we will get full profit of this license change.

      We still plan to have our first training around April/May.

      Best regards

      Andre Legendre


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