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George Hwa
  • George Hwa

    George Hwa - 2004-05-20

    1. I'm considering Compiere as the replacement to our existing ERP system.

    2. We're a "fabless semiconductor company". We design IC products and have others manufacture the actual micro-chips  for us.

    3. We do "schedule" when and how many; but we don't have factory floors.

    4. We manage the production as four distinct stages:
    IC fabrication, wafer testing, assembly, chip test. Each stage may involve a different sub contructor.

    5. Our scheduling challenge is to negociate manufacturing capacity with sub contructors and allocate them to appropriate customer orders/forecasts.

    6. The production time of the four stages are non-linear. The first stage (FAB) is the longest (~10 week) while the other stages range from 1-2 weeks.

    Anyone else out there has similar requirements?

    • Andre Charles Legendre

      Hi Georges

      I understand mainly your requirement because I have done maunufacturing system used by one mobile manufacter. (including SPC, traceability and data collect from HP testing units).
      My actual software is use to order exchanges between some car manufacturers and them sub contructors.
      Normaly Compiere MFG & SCM could be usefull for such requirements, but to be able to give an accurate answer, we need to look technical details.
      I will send you an e_mail to start exchange on details.

      Best regards



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