Best workaround & strategy for manufacturing?

  • mlq

    mlq - 2005-12-06

    We have investigated the Kompiere manufacturing version of Compiere but we want to stick with the main version (Compiere) for upwards compatability. But the manufacturing control features are currently weak.

    Does anyone have any experience or suggestions for workarounds to manage manufacturing? Could we use a matrix of subassemblies, BOMs, inventory locations and "Production" and somehow patch together a rudimentary production management system?

    We need to know what is in production and at what stage it is, and release materials as needed.

    Any ideas anyone?

    • Victor Perez Juarez

      You can use the MRP detail option with kompiere-Libero

      The Gross Requirements are the Demand quantity.

      Date Promised is the due date for the demand or supply.

      Scheduled Receipts shows the supply orders  quantities which will be receipted with its due date.

      The Projected Quantity On Hand is calculated from the starting on hand showed in the heading adding the supplies and substracting the Gross Requirements. A negative quantity on hand indicates it is necessary to generate a planned order to satisfy the demand in such a way at the end of the MPS the projected quantity on hand must be at least zero.

      The Details column has two possible entries, D and S. D indicates the order generates  a  demand (the product is a component of a MO, a product of a SO line or a forecast line). A S code indicates the order generates a supply (the product is a finished product of a MO, a product included in a PO line or a requisition).

      The Type column indicates the type of  demand or supply, the valid types are:
          SOO – Sales Order, Open
          POO – Purchase Order, Open
          POR – Purchase Requisition
          MOP – Manufacturing Order Planned

      The Order Column shows us the Order Document Number

      The possible Status of the Order are:
          DR – Draft
          NA – Not Approved
          IP – In Process (Firm Planned)
          CO – Complete

      You have the option to validate shortages in every MO.

      The system is based on APICS standars then you can see information around the processes at their literature

    • mlq

      mlq - 2005-12-08

      Hi Victor,

      Many thanks for your reply.

      We have been watching Kompiere with great interest and we would dearly love to use it. However we have the following reservations:

      1. We tested it on Windows using Postgres. It seemed to have many bugs and bits that were incomplete. Also we seemed to get quite a lot of error messages when doing various transactions. Perhaps it would have been better if we had used Oracle? Can you comment on the stability of the current release? Are there still lots of bugs? Is it really useable in a production environment without having to resort to programming to work around the bugs? Is development continuing?

      2. We want to be sure that the data we put in 6o a system will be useable in future upgrades. If we go with Kompiere (which is a fork from the main project) we have no secure upgrade path. Will Kompiere be refined and upgraded? When? Will a Kompiere system be convertible to a future (or current) Compiere system? We don't want our data to be marooned.

      We have read that there are some vague future plans to absorb Kompiere into Compiere. What is the status/timeline for this? The last comment I read from Jorge was that the manufacturing features had reduced in priority.

      We would be grateful for your comments. Many thanks for a good piece of work so far.

      Hong Kong / Philippines


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