Does Compiere Mfg handles the activity based

  • kannan

    kannan - 2006-01-09


    I had a requirement in manufacturing module that is i need to define the activity based costing to my manufacturing plant. Is there a provision to define the activity based costing in compiere? also i want to manage the job work order to third party client..Can we manage it as defining as a separate project in Compiere mfg?

    I am looking for a clarrification to my queries and THANKS in advance .


    • Andre Charles Legendre


      Compiere MFG does not manage costs.
      It manage jobs work order to third party.
      But may be can you describe your need so I could tell you if we are talking about the same thing.

      Yes costings could be define as a separate project.
      Compiere MFG has a plugin system which can be used for such purpose.

      You would have first to write requirements and then we could agree on the design to do it and you could implement it.

      Hope I answer to your questions.


    • Devi

      Devi - 2006-03-13

      We have integrated Kompiere Libro Manufactruing. Their is a facility for activity based costing. You can try that.



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