Importing data and building BOMs

  • James Matthew

    James Matthew - 2009-09-24

    We're a small company looking at ERP systems, and hoping to be able to export data from our CAD database into the ERP software.  I have no doubt that Compiere can import the data but am curious about its ability to automate the building on BOMs.  Our products consist of up to 2500 parts, with multiple levels of sub-assemblies, so the rebuilding of the BOM structure could be a major task (though presumably a one-time task).  Our CAD database can export an indented BOM.  Has anyone had experience with this type of process using Compiere?

    My only past experience with ERP was with very small assemblies where building the BOM wasn't difficult.

  • Enrique Ruibal

    Enrique Ruibal - 2009-10-11

    Hello James,

    You'd need to develop a BOM Import loader in order to automate this process inside Compiere, please contact me privately  so that I can learn more about your specific requirements for this.


    Enrique Ruibal


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